29 March 2021 — Russia Observer

by Patrick Armstrong

Einstein is said to have observed that insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting a different result. What a perfect description for US foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Two decades in Iraq and Afghanistan is not enough: keep doing it. Sanctions on Russia haven’t made any difference, keep doing them. Beijing is not the least deterred by “freedom of navigation” cruises, keep doing them. Iran won’t bend to Washington’s will, keep doing the same thing.

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16 Years After Iraq, the US Has Become a Nation of Passive Neocons by Whitney Webb

20 March 2019 — Mint Press

After Iraq, the neocons began waging another war, one for America’s soul.

WASHINGTON (Opinion) — Sixteen years have passed and the memory of the Iraq War is distant for many, save for the millions of people — Iraqi and American alike — who saw their lives destroyed by one of the greatest lies ever sold to the American public.

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F.W. ENGDAHL: Why NATO Wants to Destroy Putin’s Russia—the Cold War that Never Ended

29 December 2018 — Greanville Post

Newsletter 33

Why NATO Wants to Destroy Putin’s Russia: From Manifest Destiny Book

Dear Readers,


For this installment of my gratis newsletter I want to share a chapter excerpt from my latest book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance. In the first chapters of the book I describe in detail rarely discussed background to how severely and ruthlessly both the Bush and Clinton Administrations during the 1990’s used their CIA-controlled asset, Boris Yeltsin, to open up the fabulously resource rich but money poor Russian Federation after 1989. By the end of that fateful decade, in 1999 internal opposition to the Yeltsin looting of the country was so great that the CIA-backed Russian oligarchs around Yeltsin—Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Potanin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and others—decided to bring in an unknown new face, one they were convinced would allow them to continue their plunder. He was then 47-year old former Deputy Major of St Petersburg named Vladimir Putin. Within months as Putin won the 2000 Presidential vote on a promise to restore Russia to a stable nation, the oligarchs and their friends in Washington realized they were dealing with a far different character from the pliable Yeltsin. There began NATO’s 18- year campaign to bring down Putin’s Russia. The following is an excerpt from my book, Manifest Destiny dealing with NATO efforts after 2002 to encircle Russia and break Putin, all to date to little success. It gives an essential missing element to the extraordinary demonization of Putin’s Russia over the recent time.

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Egypt’s ‘color coup’ By Eric Walberg

22 August 2013 — Eric Walberg

Asmaa was shot in the back with US bullets

A new tactic has been added to the US democracy promotion arsenal, where ‘color revolutions’ are too difficult, and ‘postmodern coups’ fail. 

The smoke is already clearing in the wake of Egypt’s latest coup—the whodunnit and why. All traces of the post-2011 attempts to reform and clean up the corruption of the previous 40 years are systematically being erased. All appointees under Morsi are being replaced by military officials and old-guard Mubarakites. A state of emergency and trials by military courts are in place. Complete disregard for legal norms—presided over by the Mubarakite head of the Supreme Constitutional Court and interim President Adly Mansour—is the order of the day.

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On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma: Gene Therapy threatens to Disrupt Big Pharma’s Profiteering By Tony Cartalucci

4 January, 2013 — Global Research – Land Destroyer

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, a genetic disease, or even age-related deterioration in the morning, given a single injection in the evening, and beginning your recovery the next day. No prescriptions, no lengthy treatments, no difficult decisions between finances and getting better.

This is the promise of gene therapy, a promise already being fulfilled.

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Beware of gringos bearing ‘gifts’ By William Bowles

9 December 2006

Have the new centurians been hyped by their own propaganda?

The Coming Of Gulf War III
Even If We Leave Now, We’ll Be Back –
By David Rothkopf, Washington Post, Sunday, December 10, 2006

“Staying the course”, the battle cry of the republic. Then comes the Iraq Study Group and predictably all the headlines parrot the news bites about a war ‘lost’ and a ‘change of course’. But is it a change of course or the same wolf dressed up as a dove creeping in through the back door of the biggest embassy on the planet? Continue reading

CSI Baghdad By William Bowles

7 June 2004

The George Tenet affair illustrates the ‘wheels within wheels’ strategy of the propaganda war being waged over the abject failure that is the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And it’s a failure on two fronts: the failure of the invasion itself to establish a secure beachhead in the Middle East and the imperium’s failure to convince the world that ‘pre-emptive’ war has any justification.

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‘These are the times that try men’s souls’ By William Bowles

29 April 2004

Back in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan first mooted the ‘Star Wars’ project as part of his mission to defeat the ‘Evil Empire’, it was pointed out by many observers that aside from being an (unworkable) anti-ballistic missile system, in reality it’s major objective was to be able to zap what are now known as rogue states from the secure environs of space using lasers, satellite guided missiles and as a global spy network. And although the project was ‘officially’ abandoned, the fruits of the research have seen their use in the war on Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. In other words, ‘Star Wars’ was never abandoned, it merely changed its name and became the means whereby the PNAC could be actualised. All that really changed was that the anti-ballistic missile component was dropped as it was never a realistic objective to start with.

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Bush spells it out: The politics of desperation By William Bowles

24 September 2003

Bush the smaller’s speech at the UN on 23/09/03 finally spells out the conditions the imperialists want in exchange for recognising the UN’s role in the world, namely for the UN to alter its charter to recognise the right of the US to invade whoever the hell it feels like and under whatever pretext.

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Is the tail wagging the dog? By William Bowles

5 August 2003

An essay by Stephen J. Sniegoski ‘The war on Iraq: Conceived in Israel,’ poses the idea that US foreign policy is controlled by a ‘cabal’ of right-wing Zionists, who have effectively hijacked the White House in pursuit of a ‘Greater Israel.’ The essay written in February 2003, before the invasion of Iraq proposes: Continue reading

Is a military junta ruling Iraq? By William Bowles

28 May 2003

Why is it so difficult find out who the people are who are running Iraq? What does the Bush administration have to hide? We read the odd story in the press about these characters but you have to dig deep to find out much about their backgrounds. All are hand-picked Bush appointees. All have close associations with other Bush associates. All are right-wing, some extremely so. All are pro-Israeli. The entire operation is being run out of the Pentagon and many of the people picked for the various posts are military or former men or have close connections to the military.

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