‘Investigate US for War Crimes’ in Venezuela: Saint Vincent PM

21 February 2019 — Telesur

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro received Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenedines Ralph Gonsalves, Sep. 17, 2016

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro received Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenedines Ralph Gonsalves, Sep. 17, 2016 | Photo: EFE

Dr. Hon. Gonsalves, the prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines spoke out against the U.S. sanctions and the interventionist efforts in Venezuela.

Dr. The Honorable Ralph Everard Gonsalves, Prime Minister of the Caribbean country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, called a local radio station after a journalist from the country reported on-the-ground realities from Venezuela’s capital Caracas.

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Tensions Mount at Venezuela Border as Top Brass Rejects Trump’s Incitement, Opposition Takes Over Costa Rica Embassy By Paul Dobson

21 February 2019 — Mint Press

“When a president of another country comes and tries to give orders to [our] Armed Forces, he is underestimating them disrespectfully (…) It is incredulous,” — Venezuela’s Defense Minister

Venezuela’s armed forces have responded angrily Tuesday to threats made against them by US President Donald Trump and calls to break the chain of command.

Speaking at a press conference held in Caracas and flanked by commanders from all of the branches of the military, Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez told the press that Washington “Will not be able to install a “puppet” and anti-patriotic government, they will have to step over our dead bodies first.”

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The Fake News about Humanitarian Aid and Venezuela By Alan McCloud

19 February 2019 — American Herald Tribune

Humanitarian Aid Venezuela c378e

In recent times the international media, including many who promised to “resist” the dangerous commander-in-chief Donald Trump, have been awash with stories about Nicolas Maduro blocking US “humanitarian aid” reaching Venezuela. Maduro is said to have even blocked a bridge in his desperation to starve his own people (see, for example, CNN, CBC, Associated Press, BBC, NPR, ABC, Bloomberg, The Guardian). A constant flow of stories such as this have served to establish a narrative of a dictator blocking a benevolent US government from helping its desperate people. Something must be done!

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Imperialist intervention in Venezuela: UPDATE 13

21 February 2019 — 

  • Massive Bolivarian March for Peace and Sovereignty
  • Venezuelan military reject Trump’s incitement to rebel: “Over Our Dead Bodies”
  • Maduro controls situation in Venezuela, Russian ambassador
  • Venezuela suspends flights, closes several borders amid intervention threats
  • Venezuela protests violation of diplomatic accords after assault on embassy in Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica slams Guaido representatives for taking control of Venezuelan embassy
  • PDVSA pumping station attacked
  • Advances made in investigation against Guaido
  • Amnesty goes for humaid
  • A couple of dozen buses and pick-up trucks in Guaido’s support
  • Hundreds of bus drivers in red shirt rally for Maduro
  • Swiss deny call with Guaido over bank accounts

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Danger of U.S. Military Intervention in Venezuela Grows

21 February 2019 — No War on Venezuela

The stakes could not be higher as people across the globe prepare to mobilize in solidarity with the Venezuelan people on February 23 and to oppose the growing imperialist threats of intervention and war. More than 100 cities plan to hold actions this weekend – find and join one near you.February 23 will be a decisive juncture and a day marked by struggle to defend Venezuela both inside the country and around the world.

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Hands Off Venezuela: Historic Stance at the United Nations against US Imperialism By Carla Stea

19 February 2019 — Global Research

In a spectacular display of solidarity and strength, envoys from such distant capitals as Beijing and Havana, Moscow and Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas, Damascus and Managua and numerous other states stood together, side by side, in front of the United Nations Security Council, declaring their determination to protect the UN Charter and International Law, and holding sacrosanct the sovereignty and inviolability of each member state.

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The Trump-Trudeau Venezuelan ‘Lima Group’ Policy and Its Nemesis

18 February 2019 — Venezuela Analysis

Hot on the heels of a trip to Caracas, Arnold August looks at the reality in Venezuela, the civil-military union, and press freedoms in the country.

After spending two days in Caracas on February 3 and 4, including a semi-private meeting with President Maduro, what follows below is my basic impression. It coincides with the documented, virtually daily on-the-ground reporting by Venezuelanalysis reporters including among the opposition. My perception has more recently been buttressed by the current on-the-spot reporting by, among others, American journalist Max Blumenthal.

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Declaration by the Republic of Cuba: Stop U.S. Imperialist Military Aggression Against Venezuela

12 February 2019 — Covert Action Magazine

[Editors: When relevant, as here, CovertAction Magazine will link to—and/or publish—material from various individuals, groups, non-governmental organizations as well as official statements from governments and their officials.]

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the U.S. government in preparation for a military adventure under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention” in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and calls on the international community to mobilize in order to prevent its consummation.

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Inside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy By Justin Podur

17 February 2019 — Justin Podur

Dilma Rousseff was president of Brazil until overthrown in a soft coup in 2016. Hugo Chavez was briefly overthrown in 2002. Maduro is being overthrown at the time of writing (2019).

As we watch a US-backed coup unfold in a distant country, as in Venezuela today, our eyes are drawn to the diplomatic, military, and economic elements of the US campaign. The picture of a scowling John Bolton with a big yellow notepad with the message “5,000 troops to Colombia” reveals the diplomatic and military elements. The New York Times headline “U.S. Sanctions Are Aimed at Venezuela’s Oil. Its Citizens May Suffer First” reveals the economic element.

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Imperialist intervention in Venezuela: UPDATE 11

17 February 2019 — Counter Currents

Venezuela Regime Change ‘Made in the USA and Canada’ (photo: venezuelanalysis.com)

  • US military planes deliver cargo in Colombian town bordering Venezuela
  • Stop US military adventure against Venezuela: Cuba
  • Latin American left-wing parties call for peace
  • The US is afraid of truth: FM of Venezuela
  • US orders Venezuelan envoy to UN to limit movement within New York City

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Frayed Colonial Media Propaganda Transmission Lines. Fake Atrocities Used to Justify “Humanitarian War Crimes” By Mark Taliano

16 February 2019 — Global Research
Colonial media traffics in war lies as policy.  It advances anglo-zionist imperial projects of global war and poverty. Powerful interests benefit from global warfare as target countries are destroyed and domestic populations are impoverished.

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