The untold story of Sheikh Jarrah

12 May, 2021– Middle East Monitor

Palestinians in Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, stage a protest in solidarity with Palestinian residents of the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah on May 10, 2021 [HAZEM BADER/AFP via Getty Images]Palestinians in Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, stage a protest in solidarity with Palestinian residents of the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah on May 10, 2021 [HAZEM BADER/AFP via Getty Images]

Book Launch of Ramzy's Baroud latest book - The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story on 27 March, 2018 [Jehan Alfarra/Middle East Monitor]Dr Ramzy Baroud

There are two separate Sheikh Jarrah stories. One is read about and watched on the news, the other receives little media coverage or due analysis.

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This time it’s different

14 May 2021 — The Electronic Intifada

Ahmed Abu Artema

A streak of light from a rocket blazes through a dark skyResistance movements in Gaza are responding to a wave of popular anger over Israeli provocations in Jerusalem and at al-Aqsa. – Bashar Taleb APA images

As I write, the building I live in here in Gaza is shaking continuously. Above us, Israeli F-16 warplanes pummel us with a seemingly endless barrage of bombs.

I am writing amid a rapid flow of developing events, so it is certain that by the time this is published, many things may have changed, but I am trying to highlight the general features of this current round of escalation in Palestine.

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“Deep concern” won’t halt Jerusalem evictions

7 May 2021 — The Electronic Intifada

Maureen Clare Murphy

Israeli police detain a Palestinian protester in Sheikh Jarrah on 4 May. – Ammar Awad Reuters

Israel, it would seem, is counting on getting away with murder and ethnic cleansing in perpetuity.

The state’s authorities said they were investigating the death of Said Yousef Muhammad Odeh, a Palestinian boy who was shot in the back by Israeli soldiers earlier this week.

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Sheikh Jarrah By David Shulman

9 July, 2010 — The Only Democracy?

sheikh-jarrah.jpgI’ve been thinking about truth. About what the word means, and how we know what it means. This comes in the wake of yesterday’s demonstration, with its by now habitual rituals unfolding in their remorseless, bitter order—the hopeful beginning, the drumming and slogans, the dispossessed Palestinians standing beside us as we chant, the rapid, volatile crescendo, the eventual police attack, and the arrests. Sarah, a young woman of astonishing courage and clarity, was among the first to be arrested.

On the one hand, Sheikh Jarrah is a touchstone. As Misha said to me on the way back: Some things are amazingly simple. In Sheikh Jarrah you can see pure theft in all its starkness. The Bible says “Thou shalt not steal,” and it—God, that is– was referring to Sheikh Jarrah. Any one can see it. The shocking thing, of course, is that the whole apparatus of the modern state—the municipality, its committees and master plans and grey bureaucrats, the mayor, the government, the Prime Minister, the cabinet, the courts, the police, the secret services—all these have colluded in actively perpetrating the theft. There’s really not much room for argument. Either you stand by and let them throw innocent people out of their homes, or you come each week to demonstrate and resist. It’s particularly terrible because the wave of expulsions is continuing, in fact intensifying. Two weeks ago we shifted the demonstration to the new set of houses that have been targeted. As so many times before, we heard an aged, wrinkled Palestinian grandmother say: “Why are they doing this to us? I prefer to die than to leave my home.”

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Activist leaders targeted in E.Jerusalem

2 April, 2010 The Real News Network

Police target activist leaders who protest settler takeovers in Sheikh Jarrah (E.J’slem) in recent weeks

In recent weeks, municipal police in Jerusalem have been targeting key activists who fight against the settler take-overs of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah. A neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah has hosted weekly protests for nearly a year by a broad coalition of Israelis and Palestinians. Saleh Abo Dayeb was among the leaders who was recently arrested. Police claimed he pushed back a settler who attempted to photograph him and that in this supposed attack he committed a terrorist act against the state of Israel. The judge found no evidence that Abo Dayeb was even involved in the alleged altercation. A week later, Mikhael Solsbury, one of the key Jewish solidarity activists was also arrested due to his involvement in organizing the weekly protests. In his case the judge also found no evidence and again noted police misconduct. The Real News’ Lia Tarachansky spoke to activists, lawyers, settlers, and residents of Sheikh Jarrah to understand the struggle and the recent repression.


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Settler Attack in Sheikh Jarrah with M-16

31 January, 2010

After verbal taunting, a settler in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah left the Gawi house which he and other settlers have occupied since August 2009. He descended the stairs with an M-16 and pushed a teenage boy. When neighborhood adults stepped in to protect the teenager, he pushed Nasser Gawi and then punched him. Seconds later the settler cocked his M-16 and pointed it wildly at the crowd that had gathered. In this video you can clearly see the first punch thrown by the settler and clearly hear the cock of his gun.