Jerusalem cable car project passes over objections from many quarters

13 May 2019 — Jonathan Cook

Political interests drive tourism plan that would blight historic city’s skyline and bypass Palestinians

The National – 13 May 2019

A proposed cable car project through occupied East Jerusalem has received new impetus from the rise of the Israeli far right and Washington’s decision to move its embassy to the city. But if completed, critics say, the long-running proposal would contribute to erasing the visibility of Palestinians in the city they hope to make their capital.

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Is leaked document Trump’s ‘deal of the century’? By Jonathan Cook

9 May 2019 — Jonathan Cook

If genuine, the report published by an Israeli newspaper widely seen as Netanyahu’s mouthpiece offers a catastrophic vision of the Palestinians’ future

Middle East Eye – 9 May 2019

A report published this week by the Israel Hayom newspaper apparently leaking details of Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” reads like the kind of peace plan that might be put together by an estate agent or car salesman.

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A new capital? Palestinians say Abu Dis is no substitute for East Jerusalem By Jonathan Cook

9 September 2018 — Jonathan Cook

It is being touted as part of a peace plan, but Jonathan Cook finds only a wasteland in the West Bank

The National – 9 September 2018

From the offputting concrete edifice that confronts a visitor to Abu Dis, the significance of this West Bank town – past and present – is not immediately obvious.

The eight metre-high grey slabs of Israel’s separation wall silently attest to a divided land and a quarter-century of a failed Middle East peace process.

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PCHR: No to Repeating Balfour Declaration

14 December 2017 — PCHR

Arab Civil Society Organizations and Coalitions Stress Palestinian Right to Jerusalem is An International Law that Cannot be Given away by Political Measures and Statements

In a flagrant challenge to the international law, on 06 December 2017, the United States President Donald Trump declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and signed an official decree to move the U.S. Embassy to it.

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Israeli Archaeological Narratives as an Instrument of Land Grabbing By Beth Staton

26 May 2014 — Palestine Monitor

The Control of Jerusalem

israelmapIt was a find, literally, of biblical proportions. Last week, Israeli archaeologist Eli Shukron boldly claimed that he’d discovered the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of 3,000 years ago – a site that has long evaded discovery, but which is regarded as pivotal to Jewish biblical history.

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Why does the BBC hide the truth about Jerusalem? By Ameena Saleem

8 April 2014 — Electronic Intifada

The BBC’s reporting around the status of Jerusalem is “of such a low standard it fails to qualify as journalism,” say campaigners.

This argument is the basis of the challenge made last week by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and Friends of Al Aqsa (FoA) against the BBC’s insistence on referring to the whole of Jerusalem as an Israeli city, in contradiction to international law.

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