New at Strategic Culture Foundation 29 January – 4 February 2012

4 February 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Iran against West: Air Defense Chance of Success

04.02.2012 | 00:00 | Dmitri TYMCHUK
There are two possible options on the table in case Israel and the West attack Iran. One envisages a missile strike launched by Tel Aviv followed by an adequate Iranian response. Then Nato steps in playing its favorite role of a “peacekeeper”. The other presupposes a clash between the US 5th operational Fleet and Iranian Navy in the Hormuz Strait. In both cases it’s missiles and aircraft that will strike Iran. It means air defense will bare brunt of the burden repelling the attack…

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Telesur Journalists Speak Truth on Libya

11 September 2011 — Correo del Orinoco International

This week Telesur welcomed home a news team just back from covering NATO’s war on Libya from that nation’s capital, Tripoli. On arrival at Venezuela’s Maiquetia International Airport, the journalists denounced the ongoing ‘fabrication of lies’ by mainstream media outlets and accused the international press of ‘producing the arguments needed for a continuation of the war’. The Libyan people ‘have been invaded by destruction, war, suffering and death, when the solution to the conflict could have been secured by peaceful means’, affirmed Telesur journalist Rolando Segura, who spent the last four months in Libya alongside cameraman Henry Pillajo.

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