Syrian Foreign Ministry: Kerry’s presentation is based on old stories published by terrorists

31 August 2013 — SANA

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Damascus, (SANA) – An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that after days of media exaggeration about what the US administration described as decisive evidence, US Secretary of State John Kerry only produced material based on old stories which were published by terrorists over a week ago and are full of fabrication and lies.

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Iraq and the Betrayal of a People – Impunity Forever? By Hans Christof Von Sponeck

20 February, 2013 — BRussells Tribunal


Ethnic tension and sectarianism have become a major element in Iraqi politics since the US/UK invasion of 2003, a polarization of inter-group relations Iraqis had not known before. This explains much of the existing hideous crime including murder, kidnapping, property destruction and, most noteworthy, the deteriorating relationships between Baghdad and the three northern Kurdish governorates.

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Al-Nusra Mass Executions of Abducted Citizens in Aleppo: Syria Calls on UN Security Council

31 January 2013SANA

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday sent two identical letters to President of The UN security Council and UN Secretary General on the mass execution perpetrated by terrorist groups of “Jabhat al-Nusra” against tens of abducted citizens in Aleppo on Tuesday and throwing their bodies in Qweiq river in Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood.


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The Age of the Siege: Sanctions Are An Act Of War by Felicity Arbuthnot

13 January, 2013

“Disengage, avoid, and withhold support from whatever abuses, degrades and humiliates humanity.” (Alice Walker, b: 1944)

“[former Danish PM and Secretary General of NATO] Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Du har blod på dine hænder” ( “You have blood on your hands”), Danish protester, 2003.

The siege of Leningrad is still considered the most lethal siege in world history, a shocking “racially motivated starvation policy”, described as: “an integral part of Nazi policy in the Soviet Union during World War II.”

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Video: Siege of Bani Walid: Foreign fighters, phosphorus bombs and nerve gas – RT sources

27 October, 2012RT

The besieged Libyan city of Bani Walid has been plunged into chaos. RT sources say that the former Gaddafi regime stronghold is under attack by militias bolstered by foreign mercenaries, and they used banned weapons like white phosphorous.

The sources denied reports of the last few days that Bani Walid was retaken by the Libyan government. Residents said that militia forces have continued their assault, while preventing the refugees who fled from reentering the city. 

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Arms supplies to Syrian opposition call for legal evaluation – Russia

3 March 2012 — Voice of Russia

An armed antigovernment mutiny has been crushed in the Syrian city of Homs. More than 100 mercenaries have been seized. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has admitted that supplying arms to Syrian rebels is in no way contributing to a settlement in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry has, for its part, urged the United Nations to give a legal assessment to statements by officials from different countries, insisting that the Syrian opposition fighters should continue to be armed.

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Brazil Takes the Lead in Trying to Stop Another Senseless War by MARK WEISBROT

2 March 2012 — The Greanville Post

Brazil’s foreign minister, Antonio Patriota, made a courageous and very important statement last week about the rising threat of a military attack on Iran.  He asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to weigh in on the legality of a threatened military strike against Iran. Continue reading

Stop NATO news: March 2, 2012: US Strongest Military In The World: After Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan “Successes,” Pentagon To Maintain Might, Expand Global

2 March 2012 — Stop NATO News

  • Strongest Military In The World: After Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan “Successes,” Pentagon To Maintain Might, Expand Global Partnerships
  • Libyan War And Beyond: NATO Praises Qatar As Key Ally
  • NATO Shelling Critically Wounds Six In Pakistan
  • Armenia: NATO Delegation Oversees Further Integration
  • NATO Summit To Continue”Open-Door Policy” With Georgia

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 29 January – 4 February 2012

4 February 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Iran against West: Air Defense Chance of Success

04.02.2012 | 00:00 | Dmitri TYMCHUK
There are two possible options on the table in case Israel and the West attack Iran. One envisages a missile strike launched by Tel Aviv followed by an adequate Iranian response. Then Nato steps in playing its favorite role of a “peacekeeper”. The other presupposes a clash between the US 5th operational Fleet and Iranian Navy in the Hormuz Strait. In both cases it’s missiles and aircraft that will strike Iran. It means air defense will bare brunt of the burden repelling the attack…

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Updates on Libyan war: Stop NATO news: November 7, 2011

7 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO Chief To Meet Obama In Washington
  • NATO Secretary General’s Visit Signals New Stage Of Georgia’s Integration
  • Georgia To Join NATO According To West German Model: Official
  • Ballistic Missile Drill: Largest U.S.-Israel Joint Exercise Ever
  • Kosovo Checkpoint Conflict Unresolved
  • Russia: SCO To Openly Challenge U.S.-NATO In South, Central Asia?
  • SCO: An Indispensable Mechanism In Eurasia
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization To Create Energy Branch
  • Pakistani Boys’ Killing Belies U.S. Claim On Drone Strikes
  • NATO’s Afghan War: 33 Australian Soldiers Killed, 290 Wounded

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Video: Libya: on brink of humanitarian disaster

28 August 2011 — RT

With Tripoli almost completely under rebel control the threat of a humanitarian crisis in the Libyan capital city is growing. There are widespread shortages of fuel, water and electricity, and humanitarian aid supplies are yet to reach the country.

­The situation on the ground is very close to a catastrophe. Tripoli is now facing severe shortages of running water, electricity, gasoline and medicine. People are using public taps throughout the city to get water; many have plastic containers with them. Local residents say they also use electric generators to produce some electricity.

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Obama’s Responsibility to Protect is a License to Kill By Glen Ford

24 August 2011 — Black Agenda Report


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Believing the Libya assault to have been a shining success, the United States will feel confident in launching new aggressions under the insidious rubric of R2P – Responsibility to Protect. The 2004 invasion and of Haiti was the precedent, ‘when the United Nations Secretary General lent his seal of approval to the occupation and endorsed Washington’s interpretation of the Responsibility to Protect.’ Washington has turned international law on its head.
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Libyan PM urges UN intervention to stop NATO military attack

11 July 2011

TRIPOLI, July 10 (Xinhua) — Libyan Prime Minister al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi has urged UN intervention to stop NATO military attacks against the north African country, local media reported.

Al-Mahmoudi made this appeal when meeting Saturday with Abdel Elah al-Khatib, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy for Libya.

NATO’s intensive airstrikes have caused a great number of civilian casualties, in violation of the UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya, the official JANA news agency quoted al-Mahmoudi as saying.

According to the Libyan government, three months of NATO airstrikes had killed more than 800 people and injured more than 4,700 in the country.

via Strategic Culture Foundation.

Videos: On the Special Tribunal for Lebanon By Hassan Nasrallah

9 July 2011 — MRZine

To the final subject: the current situation.  To the Lebanese people, I say to them the following: don’t worry about civil strife.  Those who talk about civil strife in Lebanon actually want that to come about.  There will be no Sunni-Shiite strife and no civil war in Lebanon.  Everyone should be assured that we have a responsible and trustworthy government that will confront this situation effectively.  So, to the Lebanese people, don’t worry.  Everything is fine. Continue reading

“Humanitarian” Bunker Buster Bombs: NATO cranks up air campaign in Libya by Atul Aneja

14 June 2011 — Global ResearchHindu – 2011-06-08

bunker-buster.jpgAP In this photo taken on a organised government tour smoke rises from debris as foreign journalists take photographs next to a damaged truck at the Hadba agricultural area, outside Tripoli, Libya, on Wednesday, which Libyan officials claim was a target of a NATO air strike on Tuesday night.

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