‘Information vampires’ hoping to charge press outlets for publishing Snowden leaks

3 December 2013 — RT

Officials from the UK intelligence agency GCHQ raided the Guardian newspaper’s London officers back in August in search of hardrives containing data leaked by former CIA employee Edward Snowden. Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said the officials wanted the Guardian to destroy all the information from Snowden despite the fact the data had already been disseminated to different news organizations around the world. Rather than working to correct the growing surveillance state lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are dragging their feet and exploring methods to crack down on the press, The Guardian in particular, journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

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Denied work, Britain’s poor have become ‘untermensch’ By Tony Gosling

8 November 2013 — RT

Millions of hardworking families can no longer afford a social life, shoes for their children, to go swimming or to the cinema. Not satisfied with their seventh home, brace of sports cars and servants, the rich are paying Tory politicians, press and the City to grind the faces of Britain’s poor into the dirt.