Wikileaks Newslinks 19 December 2011

19 December 2011 —

Investigator links soldier to documents in WikiLeaks case
Los Angeles Times
ASSOCIATED PRESS — A computer-crimes investigator testified Sunday he found more than 10000 diplomatic cables and other sensitive information on the work computer of the Army private charged with spilling a mountain of secrets to WikiLeaks. …,0,3065373.story

Fraser urges protection of Assange
Sydney Morning Herald
FORMER prime minister Malcolm Fraser and dozens of other public figures have called on Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd to make sure WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is protected from ”rendition” to the United States. In anopen letter, they warn that if …

2011 Predictions: The scorecard
Business Insider
Last year’s leading internet political story was the rise of wikileaks and, as such, my views were impacted by it. Surprisingly, there has not been that many wikileaks-like organizations arising on the internet. This may be due to the fact that there …

2011: IT’s year of consolidation
ZDNet Australia
Last year, the Patch Monday podcast’s end-of-year wrap noted that the National Broadband Network (NBN) and Wikileaks featured in frequent news stories, Facebook dominated social media, the iPad was the cool device, everybody was talking cloud, …

China Fears Unrest, Instability in North Korea After Kim Jong-Il’s Death
Daily Beast
At least some Chinese officials reportedly came to accept the prospect of Pyongyang’s demise and the reunification of the Koreas under Seoul’s auspices, according to WikiLeaks revelations citing a conversation between American ambassador to South Korea …

Zardari returns to Pakistan amid memo saga
Reuters India
At one point, Kayani hinted to the US ambassador to Islamabad that he might
have to persuade Zardari to step down because of political turmoil,
according to a 2009 cable released by WikiLeaks. In a 2009 WikiLeaks cable,
US Vice President Joe Biden told …

Twum Boafo silences NPP
Per the Wikileaks exposure, the executive secretary of the Ghana Free Zones
Board stated that all the drug barons were aligned to the NPP. He claimed
“(In the Wikileaks) we found out according to their own security expert,
Dr. Kwesi Ening, …

Atmosphere of debates has changed – expert
The Voice of Russia
So, you have phenomenon like WikiLeaks which are just written a book about
which frightens those in power because it is very difficult to control
something like WikiLeaks. But of course there are lots of ways that
governments in perfectly legitimate …

Occupy Wall Street: A Giant Human Hashtag
Big Think (blog)
In addition, the US government must stop threatening and attacking
journalistic organizations such as Wikileaks, which has nearly been shut
down due to an extralegal banking blockade encouraged by Sen. Joe Lieberman
even though it has never been …

‘Intelligence security chaos at Iraq base’
Hindustan Times
That in turn, Lim admitted, would have meant that Manning would no longer
have had access to the huge databases of state secrets from which he
allegedly made his WikiLeaks downloads.Because of his dereliction of duty
in failing to pass on crucial …

A Writer’s 2011
WikiLeaks released a 2008 cable from the US embassy in Tunis that called
his family “quasi mafia.” “With Tunisians facing rising inflation and high
unemployment, the conspicuous displays of wealth and persistent rumors of
corruption have added fuel to …

Winter storm threatens…Testimony continues in Manning pre-trial hearing …
9&10 News
… region by midday Tuesday FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — An Army investigator
says he found more than 10000 State Department cables and other classified
material on a computer used by an intelligence analyst charged with giving
those secrets to WikiLeaks. …

ANP comes down hard on JI chief
The Nation, Pakistan
He said the WikiLeaks had exposed the so-called enmity of Mullah-Military
alliance with America. Shahi Syed urged leaders of politico-religious
parties to tender apology in front of the graves of Bacha Khan and Khan
Abdul Wali Khan for using the …

Mining Afghanistan
ABC Online
In US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks in mid-2011, the role of the
Chinese company MCC was a prominent topic. What follows is a series of
readings from several cables. The first, from 2008, was sourced from the US
Embassy in Beijing. …

Myanmar Tycoons Embrace Change
Wall Street Journal
US diplomatic cables released on the WikiLeaks website reveal that US
sources believed Mr. Zaw Zaw actively sought to gain contracts and permits
from the Myanmar government by volunteering to work on the regime’s marquee
projects. …

Tomana faces axe
Recently, whistleblower website WikiLeaks quoted the then Justice deputy
minister Jessie Majome claiming Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa regarded
Tomana lowly because of the “clumsy manner and legal incompetence his
Office often demonstrated”. …—faces-axe/

China morning round-up: Space achievements marked
BBC News
Citing press comments from Hong Kong across the weekend, Mr Lu’s comment is
referring to what Wikileaks has previously revealed: that US diplomats in
Hong Kong have been meeting political heavyweights in the former British
colony. On the other hand, …

News to know: Julian Assange, Goodbye ‘open’ web, and what was Google’s top …
ZDNet (blog)
The Wikileaks founder recently appealed to the UK’s Supreme Court in a bid
to overturn the High Court’s decision to uphold his extradition to Sweden.
Julian Assange is facing sexual assault and rape charges in Sweden, claims
to which he refutes and …

2011: The year when a lot happened
BBC News
Julian Assange went from crusading hero to arrogant, dangerous weirdo,
depending on who was telling the story, but the questions raised by
Wikileaks, of the extent to which governments should be entitled to keep
secrets from the people who elect them, …

Zanu PF theatens to dissolve parliament
A June 2008 US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks claimed Mugabe had
prostate cancer that had spread to other organs. He was apparently urged by
his physician to step down in 2008 but has stayed in the job. “I think it’s
fair to say that Mugabe …

Political fight begins over asylum deaths
The Australian
The Age reports: FORMER prime minister Malcolm Fraser and dozens of other
public figures have called on Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd to make sure
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is protected from ”rendition” to the
United States. …

Gerald Celente: The Bad News for 2012
My Loans Consolidated
… white US drone that was used for spying on Iranians; Iranians were able
to capture what US military officials privately told Bloomberg was a
Lockheed Martin RQ-170 by hacking into its security code; PayPal shuts off
service to WikiLeaks.

Manning’s instability ‘was not picked up by military’
The Independent
The US military must then decide whether the case against Pte Manning for
his part in last year’s WikiLeaks scandal is strong enough to warrant a
full court martial. If Pte Manning, who is half Welsh, were to be convicted
on the most serious charges …

Constitutional crisis erupts in the Philippines
World Socialist Web Site
A diplomatic cable in November 2005 from the US Embassy in Manila, released
by WikiLeaks, comments on the emerging political vendetta between the
Aquino and Arroyo families and the central role of the Supreme Court in the
Hacienda Luisita case. …

Eezham Tamil Diaspora activists in UK question SL reconciliation motives
According to a Wikileaks Cable, OTI began in 2004, but after a period of
neglect, was redesigned and restarted in October 2007, with the stated aim
of ‘building confidence and trust among stakeholders.’ While the US,
Norwegein, Swiss, …

Freedom of Expression Rapporteur Takes Israel, Palestinians to Task
The Media Line
Regarding the case of Anat Kamm, the Israeli soldier who leaked
confidential information of IDF targeted killings, La Rue said the same
principles as Wikileaks should apply to the situation, namely that the
media outlet should not be sanctions for …

Obama’s Byzantine Style In The ‘Greater Middle East’ – OpEd
Eurasia Review
According to the documents revealed by Wikileaks, CARICC mandate might be
‘broadened to encompass all transnational crime rather than just
counter-narcotics’. Interestingly, after the failure of US attempts to
channel several CARICC training programs …

Witness links private to secrets seen on WikiLeaks – …
An intelligence officer who worked with the Army analyst accused of giving
U.S. secrets to WikiLeaks testified at a military hearing Sunday.

Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and Judicial Farce » Freedom Press …
By dean
Bradley Manning was imprisoned for allegedly leaking more than 250000 US
diplomatic cables and two war footages to Wikileaks, including the July
2007 video that showed Americans gunning down Iraqi civilians in Baghdad
from an Apache …

Media Lens Message Board: BBC: Wikileaks case: Soldier Bradley …
Media Lens Message Board [ Post a Response | Media Lens Message Board ].
BBC: Wikileaks case: Soldier Bradley Manning had ‘gender issues’. Posted by
johnlilburne on December 18, 2011, 1:10 pm …

WikiLeaks Conspirator Defense Focuses On Sexual Orientation …
By Ken Romero
Defense attorneys have an obligation to clients to present the best
possible defense but lawyers for Pfc. Bradley Manning are building a great
smoke screen.

WikiLeaks Investigators Feared Bradley Manning had Links to …
By admin
The witness also discussed an investigation into another individual whom
they suspected of assisting WikiLeaks. The name of Jason Katz was provided
to authorities by Adrian Lamo, a convicted hacker who became Manning’s
confidant …

Army hearing on WIkiLeaks defendant |
A military hearing for the Army private charged with spilling a mountain of
secrets to WikiLeaks focused Sunday on why Pfc. Bradley Manning remained
entrusted with highly sensitive information after showing hostile behavior
to those around …

Gay Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning “struggled with gender …
By Stephen Gray
The pre-trial hearing of Bradley Manning, the gay US soldier accused of
sending many sensitive documents to the Wikileaks website, was told by his
defence lawyer that he struggled with gender identity issues.

Officer: Soldier in WikiLeaks case trained to keep it secret | Bogobogo
By admin
Officer: Manning was considered to have high understanding of enemy threats
in Iraq and was trusted to keep the material he saw private.

WikiLeaks investigators ‘feared Bradley Manning had links to foreign …
Army computer specialist tells military court investigators were suspicious
about soldier’s background in Britain.

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