Out of Control By William Bowles

13 October 2003

Today’s (13/10/03) editorial in the Independent illustrates just how blind the ‘liberal’ media is to the realities of the situation unfolding before my horrified eyes.

Under the heading “An audit of the war on terror makes depressing reading” it belabours us with the following inane platitudes:

“The deposing of Saddam Hussein has, sadly, had no effect on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, or the absence of one. The North Koreans, and possibly, elements of the Iranian leadership have drawn the lesson from the conflict in Iraq that they must acquire a workable nuclear device as quickly as possible.”

“Meanwhile, the threats of international terrorism that predated the diversion of US foreign policy into the back streets of Baghdad remains little changed.”

It goes on to say on the subject of the war against the ‘international terror network’:

“With the recent passing of the second anniversary of the attack on the twin towers, the audit of the war against terrorism that has been waged so inconsistently by President Bush is a mixture of the effective and the counter-productive. It is an indictment of US foreign policy that the citizens of America and the world are not significantly safer than they were two years ago.”

In its attempt to ‘square the circle’ of insane imperialist desires, the Independent completely ignores the underlying causes of an increasingly destabilised world. A world destabilised precisely by the policies pursued by the USUK alliance that led to the rise of ‘terror’ in the first place.

And were I in Iran or North Korea right now, you can be sure that in face of USUK/Israeli armed aggression, I would be making plans to deter them just as the Soviets did in the period following the US dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and its (the US) threats to use the Bomb on Korea, China and Vietnam. Threats that were only deterred by Soviet possession of the Bomb, horrific as it is. To do otherwise would be suicide. The Independent should be asking the question, just who is destabilising the world right now, a mullah in Iran or the maniacs in Washington DC and Downing Street?

It even attempts to link a solution to the Palestinian crisis to the invasion of Iraq, although it doesn’t explain how invading Iraq contributed to producing a solution! And how it can justify its assertion that the ‘war on terror’ is a “mixture of the effective and the counter-productive” simply defies belief. But there’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.

The farcical circular arguments advanced by the apologists for capitalism explain nothing and as the platitudes quoted above illustrate, the Independent’s editorial avoids facing up to reality and the continuation of the current status quo and the slide toward chaos.

General War?
Meanwhile, in the real world, the situation goes from bad to worse, with the USUK and its Israeli partner-in-crime, drawn ever deeper into a no-win situation, whose outcome can only lead to ever more desperate measures. Measures that can only increase the possibility for a ‘general’ war in the Middle East and even beyond, as the actions and warmongering statements of the Israeli government so clearly demonstrate.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world and especially the UN sits on its collective hands and watches as the world spirals into the abyss, unable and apparently unwilling to face up to the imperium and the consequences of its actions.

Buddy, you wanna buy a (cheapo) dollar?
And in an intimately connected event, for the eighth straight week, the dollar has again fallen in value and as predicted, Japan, with vast reserves of the stuff is under pressure from its own capitalists to dump them as quickly as possible. An action which can only reinforce the dangerously unstable oscillations of our globally inter-dependent financial system, the outcome of which, can only add to the pressure on the US capitalist class to seek war as a ‘solution’ to its fundamental contradictions.

The parallels with the interwar period (1919-1939) are just too frightening to contemplate and once more point to the fact that whatever one’s opinions of the former Soviet Union, the utterly irrational policies of the Reagan era (the real beginning of the ‘war on terror’) that effectively bankrupted the USSR and shoved the clock back to the period preceding the outbreak of WWII, are the real causes of the current situation.

Repeat performance?
Increasingly, the scenario of the spread of the war initiated by the USUK in Iraq looks more and more likely. What is missing from this picture is us, the people. When the largest anti-war movement the world has ever seen failed to prevent the invasion, it was clear that one of the main reasons for the failure to prevent war was the lack of an effective and organised political left, both in and out of the governments of the EU. And for this the so-called socialists of the UK and the EU must take the entire blame, Franco-German ‘opposition’ notwithstanding.

The interlinked nature of the world is clearly demonstrated by the progression of events since the fall of the USSR. From US intervention in Afghanistan in the 1980s, through to the collapse of the USSR, the role of the dollar and its control of oil, the ‘structural readjustment’ policies of the World Bank and the IMF and finally, the emergence of the bankrupt and desperate ‘war on terror’. At heart, they illustrate the crisis of capitalism, just as they did in the 1930s. And collectively, they are part of cascade of events leading to global catastrophe – unless we stop them.

Just as in the 1930s, by appeasing the USUK/Israeli Axis, the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ is committing the same folly as they did in appeasing German Fascism. Are we about to repeat the same mistakes? The parallels are so obvious that it takes some doing to avoid, which explains the Independent’s inane and extremely dangerous editorial that seeks to find all kinds of excuses for USUK policies.

Just as during the 1935-39 period, where the West, principally the UK, the US and France, motivated by a blind hatred of Communism, were quite happy not only to appease the rise of German Fascism, but to support it in the hope that it would turn, not against the West but against the USSR, so too today, we have the leading capitalist nations appeasing the rise of the USUK imperium. The main difference this time round is the nature of the ‘enemy’ and the the ability of the imperialists to wreak general destruction on the world, destruction that will make WWII look like a local skirmish, let alone its disastrous effect on the developing world, already immiserated by the West’s trade and financial policies.

The horror of it all, is that the rest of the capitalist world will be dragged into a conflict that they don’t want, and moreover, one that will destroy everything that has been achieved since the end of WWII, in spite of the Cold War.

If there was ever time since the worst period of the Cold War (the early 1950s) for the creation of a global movement to try and halt this insanity, this is it! Methinks we only have one chance, a narrow window of opportunity to try and halt the slide and it’s right now. Can we allow the USUK axis to roll the clock back to a time when it dictated to the world how we conduct international relations? Its call for ‘pre-emptive strikes’ anywhere in the world under the guise of bringing ‘democracy and human rights’, harks back to the worst days of racist, colonial imperialism. All that’s changed are the words to describe it. Then we were ‘civilising the savage’, today we’re bringing them ‘democracy’, but the end product is the same, enslavement under the ‘Iron Heel’.

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