Weakness Through Strength By William Bowles

10 November 2004

As Fallujah burns and scores of civilians die at the hands of the Bush/Blair criminal action, BBC Radio Orwell talks glibly of “mopping up operations”.

No one doubts the ability of the US and its handmaiden, the UK to turn Fallujah into a pile of rubble, destroying is the one proven ability of imperialism that no one (in their right mind) can deny, as a decade of unparalleled destruction in Vietnam demonstrates.

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Media Lens: Siding with Iraq – Part 2

10 November 2004 — Media Lens

Johann Hari Responds

On October 29, we sent out Part 1 of this Media Alert. We noted how Independent columnist Johann Hari had declared that his support for war in Iraq was qualified by an important caveat:

“If you go into a war saying you want to side with the Iraqi people then you damn well have to carry on supporting the Iraqi people afterwards.”

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