Back to the future: “Chaos and instability Washington’s official policy line” By William Bowles

28 August 2008

“In the operation the West conducted on Georgian soil against Russia – South Ossetians were the victims or hostages of it – we can see a rehearsal for an attack on Iran. There is a great deal of “new features” that today are being fine tuned in the theater of military operations.

“…[T]he likelihood of a war against Iran was growing with each passing day, “As a result, the situation in the region will become destabilized…causing chaos and instability” was becoming Washington’s official policy line. — ‘Russian analyst points to link between Georgian attack and Iran’.

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President Manuel Torrijos’ Velvet Panamanian Coup

President Manuel Torrijos’ Velvet Panamanian Coup – Council on Hemispheric Affairs:

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  • Torrijos uses subterfuge to militarize the National Security Posture.
  • Corruption reigns at the highest level.
  • Noriega-era Constitution still in use and a burden to the nation.
  • Patriots rally on September 3 against Torrijos’ wanting indifference to democratic procedures.
  • State Department is conspicuously silent over Torrijos’ plots.

On September 3, a number of Panamanian civic groups and political movements have scheduled a nationwide protest against the recently enacted five-pronged National Security Reform package. President Martin Torrijos and his Cabinet approved what essentially was a presidential edict, during the National Assembly’s two-month recess. In effect, President Torrijos has staged a velvet coup, weakening the Constitutional rights of individual Panamanians. Torrijos granted himself ‘special legislative powers,’ allowing him to rule by decree in the areas of anti-crime and anti-terrorism. The President possesses plenary powers allowing him to force through a series of security measures that had the effect, according to his critics, of dangerously militarizing the country.

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Palestine: When is the doctor a doctor? And when is he a citizen? By Derek Summerfield

Derek Summerfield:

It’s been more than a decade since British psychiatrist Derek Summerfield called for a medical academic boycott of Israel. Growing up in South Africa during apartheid, the child of a Zimbabwean Afrikana mother and British father, he knows all too well what racial discrimination and segregation means. He lived it.

Even before visiting the Palestinian territories towards the end of the first Intifada (1987-1992), where he saw for himself Israel’s systematic and institutionalised torture of Palestinians, Summerfield “had always been angry at Israel”.

“Watching the behaviour of young Israeli soldiers towards an elderly Palestinian man on my first day in Jerusalem at a checkpoint felt very familiar,” he says. “I’d seen this in South Africa where I grew up.”

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Leaving Gaza – Journey Hour One

The SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty left port in Gaza at 3:40 PM, and have begun their long voyage back to Cyprus. Aboard the ship are seven Palestinian passengers, including several children. We were able to speak with Paul Larudee on the SS Liberty just a few minutes ago:

“We’re a little over an hour into our return trip to Cyprus and, unlike when we came in, there are several Israeli naval vessels in sight. We seem to be the focus of their activity, the center of their attention so to speak. However they’re keeping a careful distance, not really approaching us. We expect to reach the twelve-mile limit around 7 PM this evening, and then cross over into international waters.

“When we arrived in Gaza last Saturday, it was the first time in forty-one years that anyone has freely entered Gaza. But our leaving is in a way even more significant. Last Saturday, two of our Palestinian members came into Gaza on these boats. Today, seven more Palestinians are leaving with them. They got exit stamps from the Palestinian government, they boarded the ships, and soon they’ll be in international waters, and then in Cyprus. This is the first time, ever, that Palestinians have been able to freely enter and leave their own country. It’s an incredible step forward, and a sign of greater things to come.”

–Paul Larudee, aboard the SS Liberty, freely leaving Gaza.



For More Information, Please Contact:
(Gaza) Paul Larudee: +972 598 765 370
(Gaza) Huwaida Arraf: +972 599 130 426
(Cyprus) Osama Qashoo: +357 97 793 595 /
(Jerusalem) Angela Godfrey-Goldstein: +972 547 366 393 /

(GAZA CITY, 28 August 2008) – After having shattered the Israeli blockade of Gaza earlier this week, the SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty will depart Gaza for Cyprus at 2pm today. Several Palestinians who have previously been denied exit visas by Israel will join international human rights workers on the journey. Among the Palestinians leaving are Saed Mosleh, age 10, of Beit Hanoon, Gaza. Saed lost his leg due to an Israeli tank shell and is leaving Gaza with his father to seek medical treatment. Also on board are the Darwish family, who will finally be reunited with their relatives in Cyprus.

“I can’t believe we’re finally able to leave for medical treatment,” said Khaled Mosleh, Saed’s father. “This is a miracle of God.”

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