Russian South Ossetians Continue to Bury Thousands Killed, as Russia Stands Down … Georgia Celebrates With Eastern European Allies … McCain and Obama the Same as the `New Cold War' Begins …

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(TMPress International – New York – September 02, 2008) – From the set of new Obama/Biden foreign policy advisers … Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright … all former Carter/Clinton State Dept/NSA credentials to their side. (And all friends of Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Richard Perle) – the Democrats continue their dream of replacing GOP NeoCons with Democrat NeoCons.

   The political leaders of the New West, the UK, Poland, the Ukraine and the Baltic States may have all showed up in Tbilisi, Georgia last week to celebrate Georgia’s great military blunder under Misha Saakashvili and ‘so-called independence to wage war’ with invasion of the Russified Autonomous Republic of South Ossetia, but few of them – including the Western media paid very little attention to the thousands that died in South Ossetia. All that is but Russia, who is carrying the lion’s share of the humanitarian resuscitation of Tskhinvali and South Ossetia with regard to food, medical, water and power to help the WW2-like destruction in all areas of the regional capital Tskhinvali and throughout the entire South Ossetian Territory.

   The president of the Autonomous Russian South Ossetia Republic claims mercenaries took part in Georgia’s offensive against the breakaway republic, according to Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency and other European and independent international news agencies. Eduard Kokoity says Ukrainians and people from the Baltics as well as nationals from other countries were involved. Kokoity says that … ‘After the fighting in the city we found several bodies of citizens of the Baltic states and Ukraine.’

   South Ossetian officials say more than 2,000 of their civilians were killed in the attack. The Russian envoy in South Ossetia, Dmitry Medoyev, said the scene in Tskhinvali was horrific. `The town looks like Stalingrad during WW2, with fallen trees, power lines, burnt Georgian tanks all over the streets. The dead bodies of Georgian soldiers are lying everywhere,’ Medoyev said.

   He also confirmed the South Ossetian President’s claim that foreign mercenaries and NATO trainers may have took part in the onslaught. Early this week the French President and Foreign Minister who visited the 40,000-strong refugees’ camps in North Ossetia, Russia confirmed the inaccurate Western media reporting, which led to a `forced cease-fire for President Saakashvili’s War and Georgia – Mr. Saakashvili was forced to accept defeat as he signed a peace agreement with US Secretary of State Condy Rice that gives the Russian Army the right to patrol large swaths of territory on Georgian soil.

   In a critical amendment to the ceasefire drawn up by President Sarkozy of France, the Kremlin forced Mr. Saakashvili to accept that Russian troops could control a buffer zone of Georgia proper – which is now being disputed by Washington and the EU – even though the hypocrisy lies in the fact that the buffer and safety zones extend up to 10km beyond the border of the breakaway region of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia.

   Yet, there still has been no serious Western condemnation of Saakashvili and Georgia by the Western governments, except for some muted comments to the ‘illegal attack on South Ossetia, by Georgia’ … which according to many reports 1000s of ‘Bosnian-warlike atrocities were committed’ – the West has remained silent.

   And McCain and Obama are truly, very truly more of the same with his Georgian Lobbyists and `Black-ops Friends at the Pentagon/CIA’ who stage-managed Georgian Prez MishaS and Georgia’s conversion to attack Russified South Ossetia and Abkhazia – I just hope it stays conventional and the new period of `tit-for-tat’ will begin.

   You know what’s funny … Germany tried to ‘neutralize Soviet Russia’ w/10 million troops and genocide … I cannot see the US winning a conventional war w/o the tacit understanding that Eastern Europe would be the ‘sacrificial lamb’ as you say and China has a lot of leverage here also – no doubt. Both could destroy our economy overnight!

   Most of the noise is rhetoric … ‘Obama … I will rebuild our military’ … ‘I will stop Iran from going nuclear’ and ‘I will check Russian aggression’ … END QUOTE and from Denver Acceptance Speech! What a joke he and McCain are – interchangeable at best! I cannot wait to see what the RNC and the ‘Twin Cities’ of Minnesota produces – probably more of the same!

   No buildup, what would you call 13 NATO warships (an interoperable NATO surface fleet) joined by a coming US Aircraft Carrier Group to the Black Sea??? To supply humanitarian aid? What would you call non-stop NATO flights around the clock from Iraq and other NATO belligerants??? I will call that in theatre buildup of men and material! Wake up folks … war is here and the West wants a Crimean Crisis next … you sit tight and watch the nukes fly!

   I hate to take task with fellow Americans, but we are such a dumbed-down society … we want it to be as simple as black and white. That’s just the way we are … we don’t want to think about it – just press a button or have one thought … (‘wipe out 8-10 Million American Natives over 200 years’) … just a blink on the radar screen for American History and ‘Manifest destiny’ – but it happened!

   Who cares though – two national candidates for Prez (Obama/McCain) who both apparently are looking for a ‘New Cold War’ with the Russian Federation to bump up poll numbers, oil prices and electability and with a 9 Trillion plus national USD deficit created by BushCo/the NeoCons, and with 2 major regional wars at our back costing billions per month.

   The Georgian Lobby in America … right now as we speak (just like AIPAC) are calling your congress (McCain’s Folks) looking for 4-10 Billion USD to rebuild Mr. Saakashvili’s Military Infrastructure and possible NATO-war machine because they say they need it to rebuild and build more NATO bases and eaves-dropping stations even closer to Moscow. And what am I or you going to do to try and stop it? – I know I will write about it and cram it down the American media’s throats!

   This as most of the damage (99%) and the deaths of thousands has been inflicted on the Russified Autonomous and newly Indy Republic of South Ossetia by Misha’s glorious Georgian Army – not Georgia proper. We truly live in George Orwell’s 1984. – Bylines by John Osborne, Sr. Editor, TMPress International Newswire.

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Article Sources/Citations: RIAN, InterFax, Reuters and TMPInternational Newswire and other international network/newswire services.

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