UN ‘Peacekeeping’ Forces in Haiti

Source: Counterpunch

26 September, 2008

Since their arrival, the U.N. “peacekeeping“ forces, known as MINUSTAH, have “killed, raped, ransacked“ the shantytowns, according to a grassroots Lavalas leader.

by Judith Scherr
(Counter Punch)

Antonine Bienaimé was doing what she does every day, selling single candies, cigarettes, cookies and crackers from trays she sets up in front of her home that doubles as a shop. The mother of eight was working into the evening of August 7, trying to earn enough goudes to feed her family and buy something to sell the next day, when a group of blue-helmeted Brazilian soldiers in an armored personnel carrier rumbled down the narrow unpaved street, kicking up dust and ordering her inside.

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