A most widely-cited factor behind the recent U.S. wars of choice is said to be oil. “No Blood for Oil” has been a rallying cry for most of the opponents of the war. While some of these opponents argue that the war is driven by the U.S. desire for cheap oil, others claim that it is prompted by big oil’s wish for high oil prices and profits. Interestingly, most antiwar forces use both claims interchangeably without paying attention to the fact that they are diametrically-opposed assertions.

Not only do the two arguments contradict each other, but each argument is also wanting and unconvincing on its own grounds; not because the U.S. does not wish for cheap oil, or because Big Oil does not desire higher oil prices, but because war is no longer the way to control or gain access to energy resources. Colonial-type occupation or direct control of energy resources is no longer efficient or economical and has, therefore, been abandoned for more than four decades.

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Former Venezuelan Vice President Testifies on Recent Coup Plot By James Suggett

22 September, 2008

Former Vice-President José Vicente Rangel, currently works as an investigative journalist, identified the Venezuelan opposition, the Colombian government, the domestic and international media, and the U.S. government as the four principal agents involved in the coup planning.

(Venezuela Analysis)

Mérida — In a presentation to the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) on Wednesday, former Vice-President José Vicente Rangel detailed the results of his ongoing investigations into plots to assassinate President Hugo Chávez and overthrow the government.

The testimony was one of several that were programmed by the AN’s special commission to investigate coup plans. The most recent plot was foiled last week when recordings of retired military officers involved in the conspiracy were broadcast on the government television station, VTV.

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