Wikileaks accepts $2.1M journalism competition

For immediate release.

Tue Nov 11 03:59:05 GMT 2008

“News Challenge”

As of November 1st Wikileaks has accepted the Knight Foundation News Challenge 2009 and applied for $2.1M funding. As the Challenge has received over 2,000 submissions, Wikileaks is asking its supporters to draw Knight’s attention to the importance of the Wikileaks submission.

The main goals aimed at with the funding will be development of regional interfaces, furthering the translation of the Wiki and enhancing our communication with media outlets, increasing the political impact Wikileaks can provide to sources as per its mission statement.

While the operational model of Wikileaks will not be impacted by this submission, and for various reasons will remain in control of existing staff and volunteers, the funding would greatly help to improve the services delivered by Wikileaks to the media, enhance development of source protection mechanisms and generally provide flexibility in addressing necessary evolution of the platform.

As stated in the submission entry, after a year of operation, Wikileaks is very much aware of what parts of the platform need improvements and would love to be able to address these findings effectively with appropriate resources.

Wikileaks would hereby like to ask you to review our submission to the Knight Foundation, draw the submission’s attention to foundation members and and/or comment on it. If you are aware of similar funding opportunities that match our goals, please let Wikileaks know.

The submission entry can be found here:

What is Wikileaks?

If you want to help with analysis, translation, coding or any other task that needs to be addressed, please contact us via:

For more easy ways to help please visit:

If you know people that have access to sensitive documents of public interest, tell them about us. We have an unbroken record of protecting sensitive sources and defeating censorship attacks from all corners of the globe.


If you are about to release an investigative report or article, we can release the underlaying source material concurrently to substantiate the allegations, draw attention away from the true source, deflect legal or censorship attacks and promote secondary investigations and public awareness.

Live bank-grade encrypted chat to the office is available via (multiple languages spoken)

Inquiries for speaking engagements, comment, interventions, investigations, source-protection and censorship consultations may be addressed to for all other information. for secure access.

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