General Motors: When We Are Led to Believe a Lie By Gregg Shotwell

17 April, 2009 Socialist Project | The Bullet The Live Bait & Ammo #128

If you believe the Motley Fool and other ‘stock advisors’ in the business press, 90% of General Motor’s (GM) losses can be attributed to the United Auto Workers (UAW) which accounts for 10% of a vehicle’s cost.

The math may seem a bit obtuse but the politics is clear as fizz. The UAW’s disproportionate responsibility for the automakers’ unprofitability is based on the same sort of accounting whiz that led GM to claim they lost $39-billion in November 2007 due to ‘deferred tax credits.’

If it smells like b.s. and it looks like b.s., trust your common sense and skip the taste test.

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Canada: In Service To The Pentagon And NATO At Home And Abroad By Rick Rozoff

17 April, 2009 – Global ResearchStop NATO

Canada is the only nation in the world whose mainland borders three of the world’s five oceans: The Arctic, The Atlantic and the Pacific.

The United States only secured access to the Arctic Ocean with the acquisition of non-contiguous Alaska from Russia in 1867 and Russia can only access the Atlantic through the Barents and Norwegian Seas.

The three oceans in question are exactly those in and over which Russia has recently resumed strategic air patrols and naval and submarine deployments starting in late 2007 after a hiatus of almost twenty years.

Should East-West tensions parallel – or exceed – those of the Cold War era Canada will be on several frontlines and is now being actively prepared for just such an eventuality.

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