Military Escalation and Obama’s “War on Terrorism”: US Officials “Rediscover” ISI-Taliban Nexus By Tom Burghardt

29 March, 2009 – Global Research
Antifascist Calling…

Long considered the realm of “conspiracy buffs” the New York Times, citing anonymous “American government officials,” have belatedly “discovered” that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency (ISI) is aiding the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

That ISI operatives were reportedly involved in planning the 9/11 attacks, the ostensible reason for the 2001 U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan remains as they say, “off the table.” Yet, as The History Commons reports, Operation Diamondback uncovered a 2001 plot jointly-run by ISI operatives and organized crime figures to illegally purchase weapons, including Stinger missiles and nuclear components, for the Taliban and al-Qaeda. According to The History Commons, citing the Washington Post and MSNBC:

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PCHR: Aftermath (7) ‘I know every inch of this land…’

30 March, 2009

Words by Louisa

In this new series of personal testimonies, PCHR looks at the aftermath of Israel’s 22 day offensive on the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing impact it is having on the civilian population.

Jamal al-Bassyuni (far right) and local activists from Beit Hanoun celebrate Palestinian Land Day Photo: ©Malian

As farmer Jamal al-Bassyuni plucked a stalk of ripening wheat, a posse of young men danced in his field. The dancers were flanked by a lively crowd, many of them women wearing the traditional Palestinian embroidered thob dress. Despite the nearby rubble of destroyed houses, and tracts of land laid to waste by bulldozers and tanks, the mood was defiantly sunny. Local farmers and their supporters were celebrating Palestinian Land Day.

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