The Chavez administration is infested with political "chameleons" who have colored themselves precisely to match the revolutionary government and its intentions!

26 April, 2009 – VHeadline

VHeadline commentarist, the Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera writes: Manuel Rosales’ escape has revealed a lot of things that had been lurking in his shadow for years … ten years exactly. We have previously denounced this as a weakness in our Biolivarian Revolution … an eternal political naivete which is simply about impunity and complicity.

Our revolution continues to carry some weaknesses that have not been overcome and some people related to the Chavez government may, strangely, not want to these things to be overcome…

The infectious naivete continues to affect many officials within the National Government … many middle- and high-ranking officials within the public administration effectively have strings with counter-revolutionary sectors that come from a traditional Venezuelan Left as well as from Accion Democratica (AD) and the Christian Socialists (COPEI) … and it is those sectors that continue to get the majority of the best contracts signed with public institutions.

It is relevant — in terms of State Security — to investigate just how many of the larger Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) contracts are being given to people who used to work there but who were fired because they were found guilty of sabotage (1992/1993).

  • Many of the people who are employed by the national government, consciously operate in favor of the counter-revolution.
  • Many of them used to identify with a so-called ‘New Left’ or ‘Socialism a la Venezuela,’ which was boosted by Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) in a social democratic and highly-reformist movement.
  • Other officials have backgrounds with the “Miqulena-ism” — which continues to exist, in one way or another, very much alive and active within the revolutionary government by allying with “redder-than-red” sectors  which are also part of this pervasive counter-revolutionary sector.

It’s important to track down the juicy contracts awarded by some Venezuelan Ministries and State organizations … for therein lies the key to a conspiracy that is being naively and indirectly fostered by the State itself!

On other hand, there are those who live openly without shame (sin verguensas); from the very right-wing parties to those who, because of a very weird political alchemy, have turned into “confessed revolutionaries.” One only needs to look closely at some public organizations to discover that there are certain sorts of political “chameleons” who have colored themselves precisely to match the revolutionary government and its intentions.

All of these people are very important financial supporters of counter-revolutionary sectors and of terrorist policies devised against the Venezuelan State … and against public institutions in general. They are tolerated and even supported by means of juicy, recurring contracts, which give back through commissions and illegal payments to counter-revolutionary sectors that are alive and active within the national government camouflaged as red pro-Chavez officials and contractors.

These people — who traditionally identified themselves with advanced and progressive sectors in the times of AD and COPEI — do not these days seem to be ashamed when they can not defend their standpoints … such as the alleged corruption of the then-Governor of Zulia, now Mayor of Maracaibo, Manuel Rosales. It appears that they believe — perhaps even more than Rosales himself — that he is innocent. This may constitute convincing proof that they never belonged to the true revolutionary left in Venezuela or had any allegiance to the Venezuelan people, politically and/or ideologically.

Manuel Rosales is currently in Peru, although it is strange that he is not in Miami! This is probably due to uncertainty about how Obama’s administration would react. He (Rosales) took the most logical and safest choice … he left with the help of some right-wing Colombias, who are all uncompromising when it comes to escaping. He got to Peru with the help of Javier Valles Riestra’s law firm … significantly the same lawyer who was retained by Fujimori and Montesinos; no less!

We believe it necessary for the Bolivarian Revolution to begin a true rectification process since this on-going political process — which is Simon Bolivar’s legacy — must not tolerate those who at its bosom have stained our history and continue to do so. They are recurrent ‘dressed-in-red’ traitors of the liberation of our people. Bolivar once said: “To every new forgiveness, it will follow a new treason!”

A big spotlight should be cast on several state institutions in Venezuela where there are many interesting things going on … especially in states and municipalities outside of Caracas. Institutions such as UNEFA, UBV, MERCAL, INCES, PDVSA.  These are ministries and autonomous institutions plagued with counter-revolutionary sectors that are permanently working in concert with the Venezuelan opposition to undermine the achievements of the revolutionary government.

Many popular and revolutionary sectors are marginalized within supposedly revolutionary institutions that were originally created by the government … in some State-run universities, the opposition diehards ‘Gente del Petroleo’ are present … and it is a dangerous thing.

Recently, when we attended an event at an institution that is supposedly under government management, I was surprised to listen to speeches by some high-ranking officials that were openly against Chavez. On the other hand, many ‘dressed-in-red’ officials at the Maracaibo Mayor’s Office, and in some national government organizations, changed their political standpoints right after Manuel Rosales won the Mayoralty, to the point that they even put “No is No” stickers in their car windows. The national government must initiate a process of repossession of Rosales’ assets and holdings in Venezuela and abroad to avoid the transfer of accounts and ownership to other names. It may be a good idea to take advantage of the currently cooperative attitude of the United States of America to reclaim that which belongs to the Venezuelan State and the Venezuelan people.

After his escape to Peru, through Colombia, Manuel Rosales has left a whole clutch of people who decry his departure but who also celebrate that he is at large thanks to the same lawyers of Fujimori and Montesinos. And there are some who regret his departure since they realize that the opposition is now seriously lacking true leadership. They act under the following premise: “In a country of blind people, the one with one good eye will be King.”

  • Their one-eyed leader has left, he never got to be King … but he got to be Zulia’s Governor, once, and lately Mayor of Maracaibo.

Others, such as Ledezma and his allied Mayors and cry-baby Governors, weep with happiness because, since Rosales has left, the cat’s away and like the mice (rodents) they are, they see upcoming opportunities in political leadership and impossible dreams of candidacies. The rest, who can do nothing, are happy just because one of them has just exited stage left!

Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera


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