Chavez confidante Eva Golinger qualifies earlier statements to VHeadline…

26 July, 2009 — VHeadline

UPDATE NEWS: Confirming prevailing rumors of a conspiracy and possible coup attempt(s), Chavez confidante, US-Venezuelan lawyer Eva Golinger has (Sunday midday) qualified earlier statements to VHeadline insisting that “nothing is different than usual here … there are constantly plans to undermine and destabilize Venezuela and the revolution … I denounce them everyday. We are not right now undergoing a coup … Chavez did comment on the rumors yesterday (…) and discounted them. There were rumors floating around two days ago about a coup. This does not discount the constant attempts to sabotage the revolution. Let me make that clear!”

VHeadline wishes to make it clear that we have reported rumors of possible conspiracy and coup which have caused a flurry of concern expressed by pro-Chavez readers of from across Venezuela.

We have NOT reported that any coup as being underway … nor, indeed, did we make any similar assertion in our exclusive report just two months before the April 11, 2002 coup d’etat by would-be dictator Pedro Carmona Estanga.

As we have done now, we have simply reported the facts and our analysis of what is happening in Venezuela to alert to the fact that, as Eva Golinger herself admits they are: “the usual plans to overthrow Chavez. But no present movement per se. There were rumors of a bunch of ministry changes and military changes due to some kind of conspiracy, but it was controlled, as far as I know. There were major changes in the intel agencies (not necessarily for the better) but we will see. But in terms of electricity issues, I know of no problems in Caracas or elsewhere, and no, my line is not privileged and I live in the center of the city, not in the rich part!”

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See the following for background:

Venezula: Rumor may herald things to come given mighty interests in our troubled region! By Jutta Schmitt

BREAKING NEWS: Venezuela is beset this weekend by rumors of a possible conspiracy or coup

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