The Other Israel Press Picks – 1 September, 2009

Can hubris end up destroying Israel? Yes, it can.

Here follow the September 1, 2009 press picks on Occupation Magazine

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Beachfront exhibit mimics West Bank barrier Maya Lecker – Ynet – “I deal with architectural violence (…) in this case –- the concrete has a military context.”

Bil`in night raid, one arrest 01.09.09 – two more not found home Iyad Burnat – Head of Popular Committee in Bilin – Continuous crackdown on the West Bank village Bilin with its exemplary non-violent struggle against landgrab. This night, the soldiers entering shorlty after 3am, encountered many international activists who stood in their way filming and challenging their action. The soldiers threw tear gas and sound bombs to clear the way. They also used a laser beam on some activists as a means of intimidation.

Female detainee informs lawyer of violence by soldiers, interrogators Saed Bannoura – IMEMC – On July 21, 2009, the army surrounded the Abdul-Ghani family home in the northern West Bank village of Saida, forcing the family out and conducting three hours of a destructive search. Najwa Abdul-Ghani and her brother Salah were taken (separately) to weeks of interrogation, intimidation and abuse and sleep deptrivation. Meeting a lawyer at the end of August and telling him of what she endured was her first contact with the outside world since her detention.

Cancer patients going untreated in Israeli prisons until it is too late PNN/PIC – Nearly 50 percent of prisoner deaths are directly related to medical negligence, according to Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Ministry findings. (…) The family of prisoner Ra`ed Darabya, who is suffering from bone cancer, made an all-out appeal to include the name of their son in any prisoner swap deal.

Prison conditions plummet during month of Ramadan when family visits are banned and food is inedible PNN – Due to the siege, Israeli forces are not allowing citizens of the Gaza Strip to receive visits. The Center for Prisoners Studies wrote in its most recent report that Palestinians can spend lifetimes not knowing their children or parents due to a lack of family visits.

15-year-old boy killed by Israeli troops, three medics injured Ma`an Ramallah/Efrat Weiss/Ali Waked – Ma`an/Y-Net – The 15-year old Muhammad Nayif, from Jalazun Refugee Camp, was shot and lethally wounded by soldiers near the settlement of Beit El, allegedly while throwing molotov cocktails at an army post. Nayif`s father, a member of the Palestinian security forces, had been killed by the army a few years ago, at the height of the Second Intifada.

Settlement housing starts drop by a third in first half of year Tovah Lazaroff – Jerusalem Post – Peace Now says that no new settlement projects have been approved since November. But using previously issued permits, settlers were able to start work on 672 apartments in the first half of 2009

Obama envisions two years until Mideast peace deal Barak Ravid and Akiva Eldar – Haaretz – Obama`s deadline is to complete the negotiations two years from now. Unlike George W. Bush, who in Annapolis set out a timetable but then failed to do anything concrete about it, under Obama “The United States will take a more active role in the talks and will take a seat at the negotiating table.”

Can Hubris End Up Destroying Israel? Zeki Ergas – Media for Freedom – Can it be stopped from happening? Yes, but it will require a fundamental change. The world itself is going through a transitional period, in which the old paradigm based on unlimited growth and extreme and excessive profits for a small oligarchic elite will come to an end.

The Beginning of the End of the Middle East Crisis – Resolving the Displaced Persons Problem Dan – No matter how far ‘negotiations’ go, the displaced person solution will be the show stopper. Overcoming the problem at the beginning permits the show to continue. Saving it to the euphoric ‘end’ predicts neglect or a severe compromise that will endanger all previous agreements.

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