The YES MEN: Last chance to be BIG and STUPID tomorrow in NYC!

Dear friend,

This is just a quick last-minute note to invite you to our BIG EVENT early tomorrow morning (22 September) – and to join us at the Age of Stupid premiere that evening.

If you DO live in New York, please register at to participate physically in Monday morning’s big, funny, crazy, meaningful thing! The fun starts at 4am New York time.

Even if you DON’T live in NY, you can still help out! Go to and enter your email. Then, on the profile link you receive, check “Digital Fun Squad” and then save your profile Tomorrow morning we’ll will send you an email asking you to help get the word out by emailing, tweeting, facebooking, digging, blogging… oh yeah, and talking! Sign up and you’ll get full instructions tomorrow.

(If you’re a “power user” on “digg” (whatever that means), please let us know right away. We need your super-diggitiness.)

In the evening, please join us in one of over 700 cinemas worldwide for the grand premiere of climate change blockbuster The Age of Stupid (buy tickets at The live satellite show will not only feature the movie, but also a panel with Kofi Anan and other bigwigs, as well as a live performance by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. And it’ll feature us Yes Men stealthily crashing the Green Carpet with one of our favorite climate-change-beating technologies. Shhh… the host doesn’t know!

See you soon! The Yes Men