Global Research Peace, War and Geopolitical Rhetoric Selected Articles 5-12 October, 2009

12 October, 2009 — Global Research

Mickey Huff, Webster Tarpley, Danny Schechter, Gail Davidson, Katherine Hughes on The Global Research News Hour
– 2009-10-16

Special Donation Drive for Victims of Typhoon Ketsana
Please support the relief efforts
– 2009-10-15

Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War becomes Peace, When the Lie becomes the Truth
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2009-10-11
When fiction becomes truth and truth becomes fiction. When a global military agenda is heralded as a humanitarian endeavor.

Taliban influence in N Afghanistan to cripple NATO mission
– by Abdul Haleem – 2009-10-11

If we want Policy instead of Speeches
Vers La Verité Speech in Paris
– by Cynthia McKinney – 2009-10-11

Obama’s Prize Named For The Inventor of Dynamite
Will It Encourage Him To Become More “Transformational” Or Not?
– by Danny Schechter – 2009-10-11

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