Every Kind of Weapon Was Used Against the People of Gaza

24 October, 2009 — Free Gaza

Ewa Jasiewicz, Free Gaza Coordinator in Gaza, talks in Berlin, Germany about what she witnessed during the 22-day massacre of civilians in Gaza. Her on-the-ground reporting of what she and seven others saw during that time is heart-wrenching.  Israel deliberately murdered 16 medics trying to do their job of rescuing other injured Palestinians, targeting them directly. Ewa and the other volunteers from Free Gaza and the International Solidarity Movement accompanied these ambulances, horrified at what they saw.


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She also eloquently speaks about the people in Gaza, how they are trying to make a living for their families as the Israeli Occupation Forces shoot to kill the farmers and fishermen, long after Operation Cast Lead was supposedly over. Listen to her speech, see the images from the people who were there recording Israel’s use of phosophorus bombs and other deadly weapons that Israel literally threw at a civilian populations. Families have been torn apart, 29 members of one family murdered in their home as they held a white flag of surrender. As Ewas says, “Israel’s objective is to rid Palestine of Palestinians: drip by drip, body by body, person by person, village by village.” She as well as more than a dozen other speakers are available to speak to your groups. You can contact us at http://www.freegaza.org/join-in/speaker-bureau and ask for someone to come and talk about the voyages of Free Gaza movement, the work in Gaza and witnessing the attempt by Israel to destroy a civilian population with American money and weapons.

Locked in: Life in Gaza – 19 Oct 09 – Part 2

19 October, 2009 — Al Jazeera

Munzer al-Dayyeh is a 40-year-old mechanic living in Gaza. And while the effects of war and ongoing siege may be good for his business, he can’t manage to secure medical treatment for his disabled …


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Locked in: Life in Gaza

24 October, 2009 — Al Jazeera

Filmmakers: George Azar and Mariam Shahin

Munzer al-Dayyeh is a 40-year-old mechanic living in Gaza. In a land of ruin and disrepair, Munzer is kept busy fixing generators and repairing motorbikes.

In June 2007, Israel placed Gaza under siege and imposed an unprecedented blockade on nearly all movement and supplies in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Munzer is a traditional man from a conservative society where inter-marriage is common.

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Afghanistan: Elections Leading to Quagmire By Victor KORGUN

23 October, 2009 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Under pressure, Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed that he failed to garner over 50% of the vote in the first round of the elections and accepted the run-off which is scheduled for November 7.

Afghanistan’s way to the elections was long and marked with heightened expectations. The population hoped for a breakthrough as it was getting increasingly obvious that Karzai’s administration was unable to rise to the challenges facing the country plagued by the lack of security, rampant crime, poor governance, widespread corruption, unemployment, miserable living standards, drug business, and the heavy dependence on foreign aid.

Among other factors, it bred hopes that the list of presidential candidates included well-known figures offering the society new ideas and developmental models. Though it is traditional in Afghanistan to vote for individual leaders rather than for their political programs, in fact by doing so the population expresses support for politicians who cannot only float ideas that meet with public approval but also put them into practice.

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Kissinger and Brzezinski behind Obama By Eugene IVANOV (USA)

8 October, 2009 — Strategic Culture Foundation

It may seem inconceivable that in such a beacon of democracy as the United States of America, there are “czars.” Not just one or two, but a few dozen. The explanation, however, is quite benign: American political jargon defines “czar” as a special envoy or adviser to the president asked by him to guide a high-priority initiative. Appointed by the president and reporting only to him, “czars” operate largely outside of congressional oversight. Hence the nickname.

According to different calculations, President Obama employs between 34 to 40 czars. In the area of foreign affairs, the most visible are Richard Holbrooke, special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and George Mitchell, the president’s representative in the Middle East.

There is no czar on Russia. However, if one carefully follows whom Obama charges with the most delicate conversations with Moscow, it appears that the czar on Russia does exist, and this role is played by none other than venerable Henry Kissinger, former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford administrations.

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How daring is the International Criminal Court? By Alexander MEZYAEV

2 October, 2009 — Strategic Culture Foundation

In September the International Criminal Court (ICC) officially reported it had started to preliminarily analyse information about likely inquiries into crimes by the US servicemen in Afghanistan and by Israeli troops in Gaza. The statements stand in stark contrast to the Court’s hitherto pursued policy and therefore merit special attention.

The ICC has been quite active up to date. It has dealt with situations around five countries; it accused one incumbent president (Sudan) and another vice-president (Central African Republic). However, up until now the ICC has had the audacity to deal exclusively with African countries: besides the two we have just named, there have also been the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda. The International Criminal Court has been unperturbed by the crimes by the US, the UK and other western nations in Iraq and Afghanistan, by Israeli crimes, by Albanians’ criminal wrongdoing in Kosovo. Will the ICC indeed have the guts for the first time in world history to launch an investigation into felonies by the main aggressors and war criminals of the present-day world?

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ALBA: Dawn of Solidarity in Latin America Part 2

30 September, 2009, Toronto — Left Streamed

Panel on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America

• Alissa Trotz, Juan Valencia.

– Facilitator: Melanie Newton. Co-sponsored: Venezuela We Are With You, Center for Social Justice, Latin American Solidarity Network, Toronto Haiti Action, Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle/Hands Off Venezuela.


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ALBA: Dawn of Solidarity in Latin America Part 1

30 September, 2009 — Left Streamed

Panel on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America

Toronto,  – Facilitator: Melanie Newton. Co-sponsored: Venezuela We Are With You, Center for Social Justice, Latin American Solidarity Network, Toronto Haiti Action, Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle/Hands Off Venezuela.

• Manuel Morano, Jose Martinez, Paul Kellogg.


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