Real News Network: New 9/11 inquiry squashed

15 October, 2009 — Real News Network

Democracy or Hypocrisy?: Truth Quest stopped by City Hall

More than eight years after the 9/11 attacks some in the U.S are not convinced they’ve been told the whole truth about that day. Around eighty thousand campaigners have called for a referendum on a new investigation into the tragedy, but America’s Supreme Court has ruled it out.

The Real News Network – Iraq Fallout: The Poisonous Legacy of War Pt 1

15 October, 2009 — Real News Network

Author Abdulhaq Al-Ani on Uranium in Iraq from US military equipment and the dire effects on Iraqis

Iraqis living to the south of Baghdad have blamed depleted uranium from US military equipment for causing a rise in the number of cancer cases. These cancer cases have spread fears among the locals, prompting them to demand an urgent investigation. Mosab Jasim interviews Abdulhaq Al-Ani, author of Uranium in Iraq – The Poisonous Legacy of Iraq Wars, for more analysis.

How Much Longer Will You Remain Passive? By David DeGraw

15 October, 209 — Amped Status

I work for two news websites and spend 12 hours a day, six days a week analyzing the news. My eyes are strained and bloodshot, I fight through constant headaches, and the icing on the cake, I now work more hours while making less money then I ever have. Such is life in the online news business these days, during the greatest economic crisis of our lifetime.

I’ve had family and friends ask me why it is that I do this, ‘Why give yourself headaches and an ever-declining paycheck?’ they ask. The answer to this question is found in the essence of what I’m doing.

When you spend your time analyzing the news, researching vital issues, you realize the immense disconnect between the average person and the HORRIFYING REALITY OF THE DESPERATE STATE THE WORLD IS IN RIGHT NOW.

I’m not here to take the moral high ground, god knows that is a losing proposition, I am here because my survival instinct has kicked in! Plain and simple, humanity has reached a breaking point.

If you’re reading this right now, you are probably a news junkie and already aware of the disconnect between the average propagandized mind and reality. This disconnect is a primary cause of our current crisis. However, this disconnect has begun to unravel, as Americans are starting to be confronted by the harsh reality that they have been taught to disassociate themselves from.

How much longer can people remain passive?

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Escalation of US NATO War in Afghanistan: The Risks of Regional Conflagration By Rick Rozoff

12 October, 2009 — Global ResearchStop NATO

On October 7 the United States’ and NATO’s war in Afghanistan entered its ninth year. The escalating conflict has over the past year become indistinguishable from military operations in neighboring Pakistan where the U.S. and NATO have tripled deadly drone missile attacks and the Pakistani army has launched large-scale offensives that have displaced over 3 million civilians in the Northwest Frontier Province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, with the province of Baluchistan the next battle zone.

On September 29 the U.S. conducted four drone attacks in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency in twenty four hours and during the past year has fired over 60 missiles into the area causing more than 550 deaths.

Three days later the Pentagon announced 72 more American military deaths in the fifteen-nation Operation Enduring Freedom, Greater Afghan War theater – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, the Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Yemen – bringing the official total to 774.

The U.S. Department of Defense and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) acknowledge that so far this year 406 foreign soldiers have been killed, the bulk of which, 240, are American.

On the eight anniversary of the beginning of the war, however, an authoritative Russian news source estimated that overall “The United States has…lost 1,500 servicemen, while its allies have lost several hundred.” [1]

American and NATO military deaths this year are the highest since the war commenced and are steadily rising. 2009 has also brought the largest amount of Afghan civilian deaths of the war.

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