Ramzy Baroud: Abbas and the Goldstone Report: Our Shame is Complete

16 October, 2009 — www.ramzybaroud.net

As Israeli bombs fell on the Gaza Strip during its one-sided war between December 27, 2008 and January 18, 2009, millions around the world took to the streets in complete and uncompromising outrage. The level of barbarity in that war, especially as it was conducted against a poor, defenseless and physically trapped nation, united people of every color, race and religion. But among those who seemed utterly unmoved, unreservedly cold were some Palestinian officials in the West Bank.

Mahmoud Habbash, the PA Minister of Social Affairs is but one of those individuals. His appearances on Aljazeera, during those fateful days were many. On one half of the screen would be screaming, disfigured children, mutilated women, and search parties digging in the dark for dead bodies, at times entire families. On the other, was Habbash, spewing political insults at his Hamas rivals in Gaza, repeating the same message so tirelessly parroted by his Israeli colleagues. Every time his face appeared on the screen, I cringed. Every unruly shriek of his, reinforced my sense of shame. Shame, perhaps, but never confusion. Those who understand how the Oslo agreement of September 1993 morphed into a culture that destroyed the very fabric of Palestinian society can fully appreciate the behavior of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank during the Gaza war, before it and today.

But especially today.

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Whose democracy? By William Bowles

19 October, 2009

It’s really time I started writing more about the country I live in, the country of my birth, the UK, a country that has the oldest, the most cunning, the most duplicitous (not to mention the most mendacious) of all ruling classes. After all, they’ve been at it for five hundred years, finally being forced to come up with what they like to call parliamentary democracy over a century ago, but just how democratic is it? And can we really expect real change to come about through a system as corrupt and sclerotic as ‘parliamentary democracy’?

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19 October, 2009 — MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

A Gale Of Spring Air – Barbara Plett And The President

On September 24, we wrote to the BBC’s Barbara Plett:

Dear Barbara Plett

It’s hard to believe your article, ‘Debuts and diatribes at the UN’, was written by a member of an ostensibly free press. You write of Obama:

“New US President Barack Obama set the stage with a sweeping speech announcing America’s re-engagement with the UN. Coming after the winter years of the Bush administration, this was a gale of spring air.” (news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8272081.stm)

By contrast, the “quixotic colonel”, Gaddafi, “embarked on a diatribe that rambled on for an hour-and-a-half.”

As for our own Dear Leader:

“After the Libyan leader finally sat down, an indignant Mr Brown changed his speech to defend the founding principles of the UN.”

Jolly good show! And the Iranian president:

“Mr Ahmadinejad himself didn’t mention Iran’s nuclear programme in front of the assembly, nor did he seem distracted by walkouts to protest his denials of the Nazi Holocaust, and what many see as his fraudulent re-election. In typical style he lambasted Israel and the West for double standards, failed ideologies and imperial interventions.”

This reads like a spoof of Big Brother-style thought control. Through an unsubtle mix of swoons and snarls we’re told who are the ‘good guys’ and who [are] the ‘bad guys’. The BBC insists its journalism is carefully balanced with all personal opinions omitted – but this is not journalism, it is propaganda.


David Edwards

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Global Research Imperial Strategies and the Global War Theater Selected Articles 12-18 October, 2009

18 October, 2009 — Global Research

Don Guttenplan, Quentin Young, Cindy Sheehan, Rick Rozoff, Robert Abele on The Global Research News Hour
– 2009-10-23

Britain: Government anti-terrorism strategy ‘spies’ on innocent
Data on politics, sexual activity and religion gathered by UK government
– by Vikram Dodd – 2009-10-18

Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China?
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2009-10-17

The Collapse of WTC Building Seven.
Interview. Comment by Elizabeth Woodworth
– by David Ray Griffin – 2009-10-17

U.S. lacks enough troops for low-risk’ Afghan option
– by Nancy A. Youssef, Jonathan S. Landay – 2009-10-17

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia
– by Rick Rozoff – 2009-10-17

Imperial Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America
– by Prof. James Petras, Prof. Henry Veltmeyer – 2009-10-17

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Letter from South Africa By Cynthia McKinney

16 October, 2009 — Global Research

Hello, as promised, I’ll give you a brief report from my visit to Cape Town, South Africa. First of all, I was hosted by two activists who founded Channel Four News, a hard-hitting, truth-telling, non-special interest news outlet serving Cape Town and all of South Africa. But because of their hard-hitting questions to elected leaders, the post-apartheid era government chose to enact regulations that resulted in their temporary shutdown. Undaunted, they organized a very informative film festival chock full of documentaries recalling the South Africa-Israel connections that beefed up repressive capabilities in both states; the role of Coca Cola during the sanctions era; scenes from Gaza after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead; and stories of general Palestinian life with plays, songs, and films. Please click here to hear one of the most moving songs I have heard in a very long time:


more about “Letter from South Africa“, posted with vodpod

The name of the group is Desert Rose. The woman singing loaned me her makeup because I was without my suitcases, and it turned out that she sang the most heart-wrenching song of the night, Ayala Katz. The song has been banned by certain Rabbinical authorities in South Africa. Please share this song with all of your friends. I listen to it every day.

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Britain: Government anti-terrorism strategy ‘spies’ on innocent By Vikram Dodd

16 October, 2009 — The Guardian

The government programme aimed at preventing Muslims from being lured into violent extremism is being used to gather intelligence about innocent people who are not suspected of involvement in terrorism, the Guardian has learned.

The information the authorities are trying to find out includes political and religious views, information on mental health, sexual activity and associates, and other sensitive information, according to documents seen by the Guardian. Other documents reveal that the intelligence and information can be stored until the people concerned reach the age of 100.

Tonight Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, branded it the biggest spying programme in Britain in modern times and an affront to civil liberties.

The intelligence is being gathered as part of the strategy Preventing Violent Extremism – Prevent for short. It was launched three years ago to stop people being lured to al-Qaida ideology and committing acts of terrorism.

The government and police have repeatedly denied that the £140m programme is a cover for spying on Muslims in Britain. But sources directly involved in running Prevent schemes say it involves gathering intelligence about the thoughts and beliefs of Muslims who are not involved in criminal activity.

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