Iraq: The Road to Tyrannicide By Felicity Arbuthnot

21 October, 2009 — UN Observer & International Report

As the U.K. Enquiry by Sir John Chilcot into the Iraq invasion seeks testimony from those affected, Iraq Solidarity Campaign founder, Hussein Al-Alak, writer on Middle East issues, veteran campaigner, gives a revealing glimpse into some of the enormous duplicity which led to the 2003 and subsequent tyrannicide.

“The whole background began in the 1980’s and the founding of The Campaign Against Repression and for Democratic Rights in Iraq (CARDRI) by Ann Clwyd, M.P., known by many as ‘Mrs Talabani’ because of her close association with the Kurdish movement.”

“When the Kurdish autonomous region was eventually established and had their first ‘free’ elections in the early 1990’s, CARDRI were invited as monitors.” Foxes and hen houses come to mind. CARDRI joined the CIA and Israeli representatives, both established in Kurdistan in 1992.

“The three bibles of CARDRI were ‘The Republic of Fear’, (by Sami al Khalil, real name Kanan Makiya, who left Iraq in 1982) and two CARDRI collections of writings”, says Al-Alak: “Saddam’s Iraq – Revolution or Reaction” and “Iraq After the Gulf War – the Case for Democracy”. Contributors included Ahmed Chalabi – who left Iraq in 1958, was convicted in Jordan’s Central Criminal Court and sentenced to over twenty years hard labour, for bringing down Jordan’s Petra Bank (a conviction he claimed was politically motivated) – the Dawa Party, “a Shi’ite party under Iranian influence”, SCIRI, also with strong Iranian links and the Iraq Communist Party.[1]

Iraq’s “Prime Minister” Nuri Al Maliki is allied to the Dawa, which tried to assassinate President Saddam and then Foreign Minister, Tareq Aziz in Dujail, in 1982.(News, websites.)

Further, it was Kanan Makiya, the strongest of proponents of the invasion, who says that, on 10th January 2003: “As I told the President, I think (the troops) will be greeted with sweets and flowers.” (News, websites.)

It was CARDRI, alleges Al-Alak, which created the stories of human shredding machines and boiling alive in acid in Iraq. It seems that even since the invasion. no convincing picture has emerged of either.

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VIDEO: Fighting against water privatisation in South Africa

12 October, 2009 — LeftClick

Water is Ours (Amanzi Ngawethu)
10 mins (Medium 20MB)

Authorship: Coalition Against Water Privatisation, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Anti-Privatisation Forum, Friction Films, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

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