Gaza, We’ll Never Forget – a video by Haitham Sabbah

29 December, 2009 — Palestine Think Tank

It only lasted 23 days, but following several years’ blockade, the affect was devastating to the Palestinians penned into Gaza, part of Occupied Palestine. The total destruction meted out by the Israeli Army, with the backing of citizens of the Jewish State and the approval of their international friends and supporters, including the USA and EU, can be seen in this video. No one and nothing was secure, infants, women, the elderly, places of shelter, worship or education. No street, no home was left unscathed. No family was left in peace. There was no refuge, no shelter. We will never forget the carnage, the violence and the inhumanity of the Israeli “operation”.

Haitham Sabbah is an uprooted Palestinian blogger. He is the webmaster and editor of Palestine Blogs, also webmaster and co-editor of Palestine Think Tank. His personal blog is Sabbah’s Blog

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