Haiti Newslinks 19-20 January, 2010

20 January, 2010 18:22

Doctor: Misinformation and Racism Have Frozen Recovery Effort at General Hospital in Port-au-Prince
“There are no security issues,” says Dr. Evan Lyon of Partners in Health, reporting from the General Hospital in Port-Au-Prince in Haiti, where 1,000 people are in need of operations. Lyon said the reports of violence in the city have been overblown by the media and ha…

Haiti TV coverage: Reporters saving lives is good, but selling it on TV feels bad

When the scope and intensity of the suffering among Haitians seems to grow by the day, spotlighting a single act by a visiting reporter – like Anderson Cooper of CNN helping a wounded boy across a barricade – feels uncomfortable and, to be blunt, self-serving. The aftermath…

Covering the Quake

The crisis in Haiti is a potent reminder to the Sam Zells of the world, who are finding the quickest ways to kill off once-great papers like the L.A. Times: Reporting is expensive, and the Haiti story is a reminder why you keep experienced newshounds on your payroll. Not su…

The Disaster Pool – How would I describe the Haiti coverage? Redundant.
In Haiti, the dozens of redundant dispatches are stressing an already perilously fragile situation, as all the journalists scrambling to get into the country chew up valuable capacity and resources. Surely there’s a better way. In fairness, the logistical nightmare of trans…

Antiracismdsa: Cuba, Venezuela help Haiti,
By Duane Campbell
Venezuela, which sent its air force with medics, food and equipment a few hours after the tragedy. Cuba, which already had 344 medical doctors on the ground, sent more teams with 151 more specialized medical doctors (including the Reed …

Pat Robertson’s comments on Haiti earthquake are ‘loathsome’
Washington Post
…that the earthquake in Haiti was God’s punishing the Haitians for consorting with the devil. The inhumanity and lack of compassion of this man “of God” …

53 Haitian Orphans Are Airlifted to US
New York Times
By JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. and SEAN D. HAMILL MIAMI — A group of 53 Haitian orphans landed in Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning, the first wave to arrive after …

Illegal Haitian Immigrants Can Start Applying Thursday to Stay in US
At Notre Dame d’Haiti Catholic Church in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, Randy McGrorty, head of Catholic Charities Legal Services, fielded questions, …

UN agrees to send 3500 more peacekeepers to Haiti
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The UN Security Council on Tuesday unanimously
agreed to boost the number of UN troops and police in Haiti by 3500 to help


Hope for Haiti benefit announces performers
Entertainment Weekly
by Kate Ward “Hope for Haiti: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” has released the names of the musicians expected to perform at the star-studded …

Bottlenecks persist at Haiti’s border with Dominican Republic
CNN International
(CNN) — As delivery of aid to Haiti is hampered by damaged ports and an overwhelmed airport, another conduit into the earthquake-ravaged nation — its …

Bush and Clinton: A return to helping Haiti
Los Angeles Times
The ex-presidents, who both made fitful efforts to aid the nation during their terms, have teamed up to help Haiti recover from the quake and attempt to put …

Infrastructure limits ability to move aid in Haiti
CNN International
A girl collects water from a broken pipe in the street on January 19, 2010, in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. (CNN) — A week into the Haitian


Local fundraisers for Haiti
Seattle Times
January 20: Seattle Jazz Haiti Fundraiser: Seven University District locations will host local jazz bands to raise money for Haiti Jan. …

Global Voices Online “ Bangla blogs: Grieving for Haiti and …
By Aparna Ray
As Haiti struggles in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that has brought in its wake unimaginable loss to life, property and infrastructure, Bangla bloggers have joined the rest of the world in grieving for Haiti and gearing …

Project Haiti: Holding a Teach-In – The Learning Network Blog …
Lesson Plan | Organizing, researching and presenting reports and information about the Haiti disaster and developing proposals on how to respond.

Haiti and Obama | Mother Jones
By Kevin Drum
Tyler Cowen, in an apparent effort to make me even more depressed than I already am, suggests that for all practical purposes, Barack Obama is now president of Haiti. And it might end up being his Waterloo: …

Marginal Revolution: Haiti: what’s at stake
By Tyler Cowen
Maybe you thought Obama was the “health care President” or perhaps the “Afghanistan President”, but to my eyes right now he looks like the “Haiti President.” I predict we’ll have over a million Haitians living in refugee camps for the …

JURIST – Paper Chase: US grants humanitarian parole to Haiti orphans
By Andrea Bottorff
We are committed to doing everything we can to help reunite families in Haiti during this very difficult time. While we remain focused on family reunification in Haiti, authorizing the use of humanitarian parole for
orphans who are …

19 January, 2010

Venezuela donates 1 million gallons of fuel to Haiti via Dominican route
Dominican Today
The Treasury Minister today announced Venezuela’s dispatch of one million gallons of fuel to Dominican Republic yesterday, to be shipped to Haiti as a …

Profiting From Haiti’s Crisis
Benjamin Dangl, Toward Freedom: “US corporations, private mercenaries, Washington and the International Monetary Fund are using the crisis in Haiti to make a profit, promote unpopular neoliberal policies, and extend military and economic control over the Haitian people.”

Haiti: Updates from outside Port-au-Prince | Global Voices
Six days after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, charity workers and others continue to use online media to provide news of the situation outside Port-au-Prince, the capital. In Fond des Blancs, a village about 65 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Canadian Ellen in Haiti wo…

Haiti: Online Maps Shift from Charting Damage to Targeting Aid
Here are some maps that humanitarian aid responders are using to communicate the evolving situation in Haiti’s earthquake zone. Nearly a week after the disaster – and aftershocks equal to major temblors – the maps and satellite imagery are proving some of the most reliable …

In a first, Obama ‘tweets’ visit to aid center for Haiti
Obama ‘tweeted’ his very first message on Monday, joining the millions who have used the Twitter micro-blogging site as a vital information vehicle for the Haiti disaster. The president and First Lady Michelle Obama visited an unadorned office in the American Red Cross head…
Post Apocalypse: Inside the messy collapse of The Washington Post

Google launches Haiti missing persons widget
Are you or a loved one trying to locate someone in quake-struck Haiti? Using technologies written after Hurricane Katrina, Google has created a Web application that allows users to search and add to a vast missing persons database. The code may also be embedded into Web sit…

Haiti: Citizen Videos of the Aftermath | Global Voices
In Les Cayes, Louis St. Germain from the Global Orphan Project has been recording videos and sending them off to be posted in YouTube or for major news outlets. While most of the eyes are focused on the devastation of Port Au Prince, the nation’s capital, he provides a diff…

Haiti: Bloggers Beyond the Capital
Much of the coverage of the destruction in the earthquake’s aftermath has been focused in and around Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. But many other areas close to the ‘quake’s epicentre have also been affected, as bloggers are quick to point out… Jacmel, located about…

As Haiti Disaster Unfolds IFJ Plans Aid for Victims in Media and Journalism
IFJ and its member organizations in the Americas are preparing an urgent assistance program for media workers and journalists affected by the tragic earthquake which this week devastated Latin America’s poorest country Haiti. “The people of Haiti are enduring a nightma…

Haiti Earthquake Survivors Scavenge for Food
Video Report By Al Jazeera
While at the airport the debate rages over the prioritising of military flights over civilian aid flights, in makeshift relief camps some earthquake victims are going hungry while others are fighting for food.

Haiti: Guns or Food?
By Real News
Ansel Herz reports live from Port-Au-Prince on the role that the deployed US troops are playing, while author Peter Hallward weighs in on the role that the US has played in Haiti’s recent history and shares his concerns that post-earthquake Haiti will further cement the domination of the Haitian people by foreigners.

US Security Company Offers to Perform “High Threat Terminations”
Confront “Worker Unrest” in Haiti
By Jeremy Scahill
We saw this type of Iraq-style disaster profiteering in New Orleans and you can expect to see a lot more of this in Haiti over the coming days, weeks and months.

US accused of ‘occupying’ Haiti as troops flood in:
France accused the US of “occupying” Haiti on Monday as thousands of American troops flooded into the country to take charge of aid efforts and security.

US troops take over palace as Haiti :
Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne division arrived in at least four Black Hawk helicopters to secure the executive mansion, a once elegant white building that collapsed in last week’s quake and is now surrounded by a vast refugee camp.

Haiti earthquake aid pledged by country:
Haiti’s quake has apparently galvanised the world. Find out how much different countries and organisations have pledged to the aid effort

Officials try to prevent Haitian earthquake refugees from coming to U.S.:
As a massive international relief effort lurches into gear, U.S. officials are stepping up measures to prevent last week’s earthquake in Haiti from triggering a Caribbean migration not seen in two nearly two decades.

Pennies for Haiti, Billions for Israel, Egypt:
Consider this: in fiscal 1998 Haiti received $106 million from the U.S, the No. 9 nation among foreign aid recipients. – Compare that to the more than $5 billion paid out to Israel and Egypt.

US clears space in Guantanamo, other detention centres for Haitians —US ships blockade Haiti coast 19 Jan 2010
A US aircraft carrier is spearheading a blockade of Haiti’s waters as America prepares for a mass sea exodus of Haitians with thousands fleeing the devastated capital of Port-au-Prince. US officials have drawn up emergency plans to cope with a mass migration crisis and have cleared spaces in detention or reception centres, including the Navy base at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. The unprecedented air, land and sea operation, dubbed “Vigilant Sentry”, was launched as a senior US official compared Haiti’s destruction to the aftermath of nuclear warfare… As well as providing emergency supplies and medical aid, the USS Carl Vinson, along with a ring of other navy and coast guard vessels, is acting as a deterrent to Haitians who might be driven to make the 681 mile sea crossing to Miami.

Haiti earthquake: US soldiers land at presidential palace —20 Black Hawk helicopters landed US paratroopers to secure key buildings 19 Jan 2010
US soldiers took control of Haiti’s presidential palace in their most significant military deployment since an earthquake devastated the island a week ago. In a symbolic operation, 20 Black Hawk helicopters landed US paratroopers to secure key buildings, such as the general hospital, in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. “We are here to provide security. We work with the government of Haiti. We have rules of engagement, but we are on a humanitarian mission,” said Sergeant Bill Smith of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Marines land in Haiti but tension deepens over US ‘occupation’ of quake isle 19 Jan 2010
Amid growing desperation in Haiti and with foreign aid teams struggling to cope, there are new tensions over the role of the United States in the post-earthquake operation. US marines have landed in the stricken country to help bring order to the increasingly lawless streets of the capital Port-au-Prince. The US said the 2,200 marines, with medical aid, helicopters and equipment to clear debris, would join 5,000 US troops already in the region to help international aid efforts… But after US forces turned away a plane-load of medical supplies, a French minister accused the Americans of “occupying” the country.

U.N. to send thousands of peacekeepers to Haiti 19 Jan 2010
The United Nations on Tuesday authorized sending 3,500 more peacekeepers to Haiti to try and restore order and protect relief convoys, even as young men scavenged in the rubble of last week’s earthquake and U.S. troops helicoptered onto the grounds of the wrecked National Palace to cheers from onlookers.

Palestinians in Gaza donate to Haiti 18 Jan 2010
It might be one of the world’s poorest areas, besieged by its neighbour Israel, but Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip have been donating what little they have to help those struck by the earthquake in Haiti. Among the donations collected by a Red Cross representative: toys, toiletries and sweets… Some also gave money.

70,000 deaths from Haitian quake recorded, PM says 19 Jan 2010
Haitian authorities have recorded more than 70,000 deaths since last week’s magnitude 7 earthquake outside Port-au-Prince, the country’s prime minister said Tuesday. Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said that at least 72,000 bodies have been recovered since the quake. That figure does not include bodies buried by families or collected by the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Haiti earthquake: medics warn of infection risk to 3 million people 19 Jan 2010
Medics treating survivors of the Haitian earthquake have warned the next big challenge is saving as many as three million hungry, injured and homeless people from deadly infections and diseases. As the pace of food and medical aid arriving into the impoverished country increased, doctors say that public health is now Haiti’s major concern.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships such as Navigator of the Seas still escorting vacationers to Haiti 19 Jan 2010
As surviving Haitians fought over scraps of food, luxury cruise ship passengers frolicked heedlessly Monday at a resort just 81 miles from the misery transfixing the world. Royal Caribbean’s gigantic 3,100-passenger Navigator of the Seas stopped at a north Haiti beach so tourists could parasail, snorkel and chow down on barbecue. The tourists went ashore at Labadee, a lavish and heavily guarded private beach leased by the cruise line where passengers bounce on trampolines, sip cocktails in a hammock and shop at an ersatz “native market.”

UK urges Haiti creditors to cancel debts
The Guardian
He has yet to respond to calls for Venezuela to cancel Haiti’s debts. Photograph: Handout/Reuters Taiwan and Venezuela, Haiti’s main bilateral creditors, …

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