Viva Palestina first group has landed in Al Arish

4 January, 2010 — Viva Palestina

Dear Viva Palestina supporters

The first group has landed in Al Arish and discussions are taking place to resolve outstanding difficulties. Should those discussions not be successful, we ask you to please standby to protest tomorrow afternoon and evening GMT to Egyptian representatives and outside Egyptian interest i.e. Egyptian Embassy and consulate.

Alice Howard
Viva Palestina UK – Administration Manager
Tel: 07944 512 469

Housmans Radical Books, London: Events Newsletter January 2010

4 January, 2010

1. January sale
2. Lost Steps
3. Discounts and other changes to events from the new year


4. ‘Health under Capitalism’ with Colin Leys, Wendy Savage and Jonathan Tomlinson
5. War Resisters’ International present: ‘Venezuela: an anarchist perspective’
6. ‘Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance: The Power of Story’ with Eric Selbin
7. Class War Games present: Guy Debord’s ‘Game of War’
8. Future Events

9. ‘Real England’ by Paul Kingsnorth
10. ‘Footnotes in Gaza’ by Joe Sacco
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Dan Margalit vs. Jamal Zahalka – an example of how media in Israel is not only biased, but racist.

4 January, 2009

The so called ‘journalist’ Dan Margalit defending Ehud Barak, and proofs again how racist and biased the media in Israel. (English sub-titles)

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GazaFriends: From the pyramids to the checkpoints, we have had many victories in Egypt By Emily Ratner

3 January, 2010

“The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class–it is the cause of humankind, the very birthright of freedom.” – Anna Julia Cooper, page 27, My US passport

The Gaza Freedom March announced the Cairo Declaration to End Israeli Apartheid on January 1st, and so yesterday hundreds of Marchers smuggled freedom’s smoke signals in our luggage as we climbed into buses, vans, and taxis and made a mad dash for the Rafah border crossing. My own van was pulled over at the first checkpoint on the way out of Cairo, where we sat on a dusty curb for two hours before being forced to turn back. As we waited for guards to run our passport numbers and strategized about next steps, a small bus filled with our French friends sped by on the other side of the road, headed back to Cairo. Their hands formed peace signs through the windows as they shouted at border guards, and we were reminded once again of the historic nature of these days, when more than 1,300 people have come to Egypt from 43 different countries to support our sisters and brothers in Gaza.

When we were first pulled over, I felt silly for thinking our small van, filled with aging activists and suitcases overflowing with medicine and other forms of aid, would be permitted to pass to Rafah. As we drove away from the checkpoint, where we picked up two stragglers who had been pulled from buses and told they must return as well, my thinking began to change: Even if none of us arrive in Gaza (an impossibility given the resourcefulness of this remarkable group), our global solidarity community has accomplished something amazing here in Cairo, and in countries around the world. We will now leave Egypt, either for Gaza or for our homes, with a unified call to action, and a concrete plan to continue this crucial work.

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F. William Engdahl: Afghanistan and global dominance

4 January, 2010 — The Real News Network

Engdahl: US China strategy driving Afghan war, but no real long range thinking in place

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F William Engdahl is an economist and author and the writer of the best selling book “A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.” Mr Engdhahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970s. Mr. Engdahl contributes regularly to a number of publications including Asia Times Online, Asia, Inc, Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine; Freitag and ZeitFragen newspapers in Germany and Switzerland respectively. He is based in Germany.

Sign MAP’s Open Letter to Gordon Brown- end to the blockade, end the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza

4 January, 2009

MAP is asking supporters to sign our Open Letter calling for an immediate end to the blockade to end the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. Click here to sign the letter.

An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to urgently use all available diplomatic means to bring an immediate and unconditional end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip. A year after the assault on Gaza, in which almost 1,400 Palestinians were killed and more than 5,300 injured, civilians continue to pay a devastating price.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza means the denial of a broad range of goods, which include food, industrial, educational and medical items, all deemed “nonessential”, for a population who, after decades of occupation and now in their third year under blockade, are struggling to rebuild their lives in the wake of the widespread destruction. With critical reconstruction materials are not entering Gaza, the urgently needed rebuilding of medical facilities, homes and schools is impossible. A recent Medical Aid for Palestinians survey of the most vulnerable families in Gaza showed that a mere 2% had been able to repair their homes from damage incurred during last winter’s bombardment.

Across the Gaza Strip, over 3,530 homes were completely destroyed and more than 2,850 severely damaged. Tens of thousands more homes suffered structural damage. Families now face the winter rains and cold surviving in tents or in the rubble of their destroyed homes. The blockade is directly compromising one of the people of Gaza’s most basic human rights; the right to health. Israeli authorities continue to routinely, and without explanation, block or delay the entry of medical supplies and equipment, leaving hospitals less able to cope. As hospitals falter, patients seeking care outside the Gaza Strip are routinely denied exit for life-saving medical treatment; in just one month this year four people died while waiting for permission to leave.*

Outside the hospitals, a public health disaster looms: with no spare parts for maintenance or repair, water and sewage treatment facilities cannot function. The World Health Organisation reports that over 80% of Gaza’s water is no longer safe to drink, while up to 80 million cubic litres of untreated or partially treated sewage is being dumped into the sea daily.

The British Government has stated that Israel’s blockade must end, recognising its profound impact on civilians. We welcome this statement, but it must be backed up by meaningful diplomatic action. We call upon the UK Government to make urgent representations to the Government of Israel and to redouble its efforts to bring about an immediate and unconditional end to the blockade of Gaza.

This letter has been signed by, amongst others:
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Viva Palestina aid convoy hours away from breaking Gaza siege

4th January 2010 — Viva Palestina

The Viva Palestina international aid convoy is just hours away from breaking Israel’s three and a half year siege of Gaza.

Despite repeated obstructions from the Egyptian government, including its refusal to allow the convoy to land in the Egyptian port of Nuweiba, convoy members hope to be in Gaza tomorrow.

198 convoy vehicles, including ambulances and vans, were loaded on to a ferry in the Syrian port of Latakia on Saturday (2nd January) and have now docked and cleared customs at the Egyptian port of El Arish.

Convoy members will fly to El Arish today from Latakia to pick up the vehicles and drive less than one hundred miles to Egypt’s Rafah border crossing with Gaza.

Since Israel imposed its near total blockade on Gaza in 2006, people, aid and vehicles have been blocked from entering the Strip.

The convoy, jointly organised by Viva Palestina and Palestine Solidarity Campaign, will be taking in aid, including specialised medical equipment, and will also be leaving all its vehicles in Gaza.

It had hoped to enter the Strip on 27th December 2009, to mark the first anniversary of the day Israel began its three weeks land, air and sea assault on Gaza, killing 1,400 Palestinians and destroying homes, farms and essential infrastructure.

However, the convoy was forced to retrace its route through Jordan and Syria last week, after being refused permission to sail from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuweiba.

Kevin Ovenden, convoy organiser, said: ‘Despite all the difficulties, by land, by sea and by air, we are within 24hrs of breaking the siege of Gaza.’

‘We now have every right to expect unhindered and safe passage into Gaza, but we call on all our friends internationally to stand ready to raise their voices if we face further unjustified delay.’

For further information on the Viva Palestina Gaza aid convoy and updates visit

Press information from Alice Howard on Tel: 07944 512 469 or via email:

Haiti Newslinks 3-4 January, 2010

4 January, 2010

Love, Anger, Madness: A Haitian Trilogy by Marie Vieux-Chauvet, translated by …
Love, Anger, Madness: A Haitian Trilogy was first published in 1968 by the
exiled writer Marie Vieux-Chauvet, and is here newly translated by
Rose-Myriam …

Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition (HAGC) Symposium To Put Spotlight On …
South Florida Caribbean News
The regional organization instead opted to spend its energy on Cuba alone
and ignore the Haiti Problematic. Western media outlets, for the past four
decades …

1/3: Sunday’s Made of Steel
NBC Miami
You will also hear the live Caribbean music of legendary Haitian
entertainer and Ambassador of Hope for Haiti nominee Jean-Michael Daudier.—80345482.html

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