Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing teams By Eric Walberg

26 January, 2010

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s visit to Turkish last month shows that Turkey and Russia are rapidly developing close economic and political ties, notes Eric Walberg

For all intents and purposes, Turkey has given up on the European Union, recognising it as a bastion of Islamophobia and captive to US diktat. As Switzerland bans minarets and France moves to outlaw the niqab, the popular Islamist government in Istanbul moves in the opposite direction — supporting the freedom to wear headscarfs, boldly criticising Israel and building bridges with Syria. This is nothing less than a fundamental realignment of Turkish politics towards Turkey’s natural allies — the Arabs … and the Russians.

This new alignment with Russia began in 2001 when Turkish and Russian foreign ministers signed the Eurasia Cooperation Action Plan. It went into high gear in February 2009, when Turkish President Abdullah Gul made a state visit to Russia, including a visit to the Russian Federation’s thriving and energy-rich Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, populated by a majority of Muslim Turks, with pipelines, nuclear energy and trade the focus of attention.

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Hugo Chavez Did Not Accuse the U.S. of Causing the Haitian Earthquake by The Anti Press

Chávez acusa a EE.UU. de provocar el seísmo de Haití22 January, 2010 — The Anti Press

On January 19, Spanish newspaper ABC, a newspaper of record in Spain, published a story entitled “Chavez Accuses US of Causing Earthquake in Haiti.”

The story was quickly picked up by websites around the globe — most quoting Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as saying the U.S. used a new tectonic weapon to induce the Haitian earthquake.  This was, according to Chavez — “only a drill, and the final target is destroying and taking over Iran.

Within the actual story, ABC noted that the information came from an obscure opinion post on the website of a Venezuelan state television channel, VIVE Television.  The post referenced a supposed Russian military report on American seismic weapons.

All quotes subsequently attributed to Chavez regarding Haiti and earthquake weapons were in fact direct quotes from this web posting — none of which was ever uttered by Chavez.

Spurred on by the international attention being received by its first story, ABC posted a second article on January 20 under the banner “The Secret Weapon to Cause Earthquakes” in which it cites Chavez as having blamed the US for razing Haiti.

By the time the story had run its course, it had been covered with varying degrees of accuracy by corporate news channels, foreign outlets eager to accuse the U.S. of another evil deed, and conspiracy websites happy to have their ideas officially validated.

In the end, it serves as one more reminder to those who prefer truth over ideological delusion: there are some subjects for which the myths of journalistic standards will still be displayed — stories about the government of Venezuela are not one of those subjects.

This article was first published by The Anti Press on 22 January 2010; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  Vea también: “Otra mentira de la prensa derechista: Chávez se suma a la teoría conspiranoica del HAARP” (, 20 Enero 2010).

Haiti Newslinks 25-26 January, 2010

26 January, 2010

US and Other Nations Say Haiti Must Lead
New York Times
By AP MONTREAL (AP) — Haiti must lead the effort to rebuild after its devastating earthquake, the United States and other nations said as Haiti’s prime …

World Leaders Plan Haiti Funding Effort
Wall Street Journal
By GINA CHON PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—The US will host an international conference at United Nations headquarters in early March to raise money to rebuild …

Haiti charity album will top US pop chart
LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – The “Hope For Haiti Now” benefit album will debut at No. 1 on the US pop chart on Wednesday, becoming the first digital-only…

Star power raises Haiti telethon cash
Hollywood Reporter
By Etan Vlessing TORONTO — Backed by Hollywood star power from Canadians Celine Dion and James Cameron, Friday’s cross-network “Canada for Haiti” telethon …

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