Jewish National Fund eBook Vol 1, First online edition

29 January, 2010

This is a comprehensive ‘eBook’ on the Jewish National Fund, which plays an important part in the development of Israel, but on the back of expropriating Palestinian Land. I have written the article “Exclusive Plans” about the link between the JNF and Israeli architecture and planning.

This eBook is now downloadable from

Please feel free to distribute widely and publish on your websites. This edition will be deposited with the ISSN office at the British library.

There is a call for submission of papers to volume 2 (edited by Uri Davis) on the final page.


1. Introduction by Ilan Pappe … 3
2. Exclusive Plans by Abe Hayeem … 10
3. The British Park by Uri Davis … 18
4. Patron Brown by Susannah Tarbush … 27
5. The Honourable Australian PM by Sonja Karkar … 30
6. Kings Forests in Galilee by Ben White … 33
7. South American Connection by Rahela Mizrahi … 37
8. Closing Remarks by Bob Williamson and John Goss … 42
Acknowledgements … 74
Publication Details … 75

Haiti Newslinks 28-29 January, 2010

29 January, 2010

Venezuela Sends Needed Gasoline and Diesel to Haiti
By editor
Shipment for Generation of Electricity and Vehicles Will Arrive Thursday In response to severe gasoline shortages that have plagued Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck the island nation on January 12…

A Glance at Haiti Developments 16 Days After Quake
New York Times
The aid group Doctors Without Borders says the psychological impact of Haiti’s earthquake on its victims is becoming more apparent. …

Hope For Haiti Now Album Raises More Than $3 Million In Relief Funds
Now, it seems that music fans are finding a channel for their own good will toward Haiti, as iTunes and some of the world’s top artists are setting records …

Tourism group criticizes Royal Caribbean for resuming cruise calls in Haiti
USA Today
A leading advocacy group for sustainable tourism is blasting Royal Caribbean for its decision to resume cruises to Haiti. The Center for Responsible Travel …

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The London Conference on Afghanistan: Rebranding an Unpopular War Derrick O’Keefe

28 January, 2010 — The B u l l e t – Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 300

Lawrence Cannon, Canada’s foreign minister, is on his way to London for a major international conference on the future of Afghanistan, January 28. Hilary Clinton and other high level representatives from the NATO countries will be present, as will embattled Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

One wonders if this major global media focus on Afghanistan was part of the Harper government’s calculation in proroguing Parliament. The torture and abuse of Afghan detainees is also an issue in several European countries, and so the less riled up the Canadian press corps is from any fresh revelations back home, the better.

The agenda of the London gathering has recently been expanded to include a special session on Yemen. This in itself ironically exposes the illogic with which the expansion of the war in Afghanistan has been sold to the western public.

After all, Obama’s announcement of an additional 30,000 troops to the occupation of Afghanistan was explained with the rationale that it was vital for national security. Without a ramping up of the war, the world was told, a “safe haven” for terrorists might emerge. ‘Fight them over there or you will have to fight them over here.’ And yet Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the thwarted, Nigerian-born “underwear” bomber is said to have links to Yemen, so we must fight them there as well.

The “deny Al-Qaeda a safe heaven” justification opens up nearly infinite new potential fronts in the global “war on terror,” a term that has been dropped from White House press releases while its aggressive and counter-productive mentality remains in place.

On Afghanistan, the London conference is not the first of its kind, and likely won’t be the last. Its real raison d’être is to help rebrand the Afghan War, which remains unpopular in the majority of NATO countries. As Robin Beste of the UK Stop the War Coalition argues, “It’s a makeover aimed at turning the tide of public opinion, running so strongly against a war which is clearly futile and unwinnable. In reality the warmongers are gathering for a war council masquerading as a peace conference.”

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