Challenge the War Criminals By Morris William

1 February, 2010 — Labour against warLeftdemos of Britain

With its reformist strategy for a socialism within capitalism, the British Labour Party has always been a party fit for imperialism.

After its chauvinist backing of the inter-imperialist war of 1914-18, it has supported colonial wars when in opposition and launched them when in government.

With the further imperialist militarisation of the neo-liberal, global market, the Labour Government joined with the dominant imperialism of the United States in the ‘change of regime’ wars of occupation against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

To bring about electoral unity in action, it is essential that the principle war criminals, firstly, in the Labour Party and, secondly, in the opposition parties, be identified and their seats be contested by Labour Against War (LAW) candidates in any future election.

A minimal election manifesto should challenge the Labour war criminals by including calls for:

  • Commencing the withdrawal of British air, sea, land military and special forces from Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The paying of reparations to the people of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The paying of compensation to the next of kin of the members of the British armed forces killed in the above ‘change of regime’ wars of occupation.
  • The withdrawal of all charges against members of the armed forces who refused to fight in these wars and the annulment of all sanctions already taken against them.
  • Ending the anti-labour and anti-terrorist laws which threaten us with a police state and fascism.
  • Support for all reforms that favour the social class of workers against the neo-liberal, freemarket agenda of the main parties.

If you generally support this approach to electoral unity in action against globalisation and war at the present time, please indicate if you would support the convening of a conference to discuss these and other proposals.

This statement is open for further discussion.

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