Irish Parliamentarians call for “Veto” against Israel OECD membership By Omar Barghouti

6 May, 2010

Irish Senators and Members of Parliament (TDs in Irish) are leading the way in explicitly calling on the Irish government to VETO Israel’s membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an exclusive club of 30 of the richest industrialized states. 

Standing up to the “common sense” approach of official Europe of following the US hegemonic lead and praising Israel’s restraint for not killing off or ethnically cleansing all Palestinians, these Irish senators and TDs have proven that principle and commitment to human rights can — and should — overcome political convenience and complacency, even in a country whose economy is relatively small and suffering from a deep financial crisis. A true Irish spirit of justice!

We hope parliamentarians in Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Spain, among other members of the OECD, will live up to the same level of moral and political responsibility and act to end Israel’s impunity before it is too late. 

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) with many civil society partners in several countries are waging an intensive lobbying effort to convince at least one state member of the OECD (each member has a veto) to vote against Israel’s accession until it fully complies with its obligations under international law and respects Palestinian rights. 

The lack of an official, written statement from the PLO opposing Israel’s membership in the OECD is making life much more difficult for the BNC and civil society at large. Still, Israel’s failure to comply with the OECD’s principles, benchmarks and main criteria for membership is so blatant that some European decision makers are listening at last. Whether or not they will have enough time or enough say to change the decision already taken by EU states to support Israel’s membership is another story.

Rewarding Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, the Negev and Jerusalem with membership in the OECD is a slap on the face of international law and human decency; it may well announce the end of hope among some — whether out of sheer naiveté, pathetic lack of information, or intentional complicity — that the powerful governments of the world will ever deliver justice to the Palestinian people or any other oppressed group unless they are compelled to, mainly due to intensive, persistent and evolving civil society pressure in conjunction with effective, intelligent and morally-consistent resistance by the oppressed and their supporters.  


Letter to the Irish Times

Veto on Israel’s OECD membership

Madam – On May 11th, 2010, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will vote on whether or not to complete Israel’s application to join its ranks.

Supporting Israel’s ascension to the OECD would be tantamount to supporting its actions in the Occupied Territories.

The Roadmap for the Accession of Israel to the OECD Convention, adopted by the OECD Council in November 2007 stated that Israel has to demonstrate a commitment to pluralist democracy based on the rule of law and the respect of human rights. Israel has proven repeatedly that it simply does not meet this requirement, with laws in place that grant privileges for Jews over non-Jews, who make up 20 per cent of its citizens. Furthermore, according to a leaked OECD report, Israel breached a key requirement of membership by including its colonies in the occupied West Bank in its economic report.

By accepting Israel, the OECD will give official approval to Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian and Syrian territories. To ignore these facts will see the OECD violating its own foundation principles.

Ireland was one of the six OECD members that voted in support of the recommendations of the Goldstone Report in the United Nations. We must reaffirm our position that Israel, like all other states, is to be held accountable to the standards of international law and human rights.

It only takes one country to vote against accepting Israel in order to block the process. We the undersigned, appeal to the Irish Government to show courage and leadership, and use its vote in order to veto this application until Israel demonstrates real commitment to the fundamental values shared by the OECD member states.

Senator JOE O’TOOLE,
Senator MARK DALY,
Senator DAN BOYLE,

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

One thought on “Irish Parliamentarians call for “Veto” against Israel OECD membership By Omar Barghouti

  1. MichaelKenny says:

    The Irish have always instinctively supported the Palestinians but let’s not exaggerate here! Backbenchers’ letters to the newspapers decide nothing and I would be surprised if anything further happens. The really interesting part is the party composition. 9 of the 17 are members of Fianna Fail, the, essentially populist, governing party. I think this has more to do with PIIGS than with Palestinians! Ireland is on Wall St’s hit list and the Irish politicians have (correctly!) pegged Wall St as supporters of Israel. The message is essentially “you lay off us or we’ll go after Israel”. It certainly is the best response so far to Wall St’s “toe the line or we’ll wreck your economy”, but such a response is a luxury backbenchers can afford but governments cannot.


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