More stories on the Israeli massacre

31 May, 2010

Israeli Massacres Go International; Commandos Kill 20 Free Gaza Activists
Israeli occupation forces massacred 20 activists on board the Gaza-bound “Freedom” flotilla Sunday overnight and Monday, according to the Israeli TV. 60 other people were also injured. The killing took place in international waters. Among the injured, leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch in the occupied territories Sheikh Raed Salah whose injuries are serious, according to reports.   Israeli marine commandos had opened …

Turkey to Call UN Meeting over Israeli Attack, Recalls Envoy
Turkey will call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over Israel’s deadly raid on aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip, a Turkish diplomat told AFP Monday as above tens of thousands of people went out to Turkish streets condemning the Israeli inhumane act.   Turkey also recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said. “Our ambassador to Israel has been recalled to Ankara,” Arinc told a press …

Massive Condemnation in Lebanon of Israel’s Crime
The Israeli massacre of at least 20 activists on board the Gaza-bound aid ship drew widespread condemnations in Lebanon.   HEZBOLLAH MP: IF THEY FAIL TO ACT TO LIF THE GAZA SIEGE, SITUATION IN REGION WILL GET WORSE Hezbollah MP Hasan Fadlallah denounced the Israeli massacre as a “crime against humanity” and called on the international community to take action. “This is a premeditated crime against humanity by the Israelis,” Fadlallah told …

Shock and outrage has swept the globe after Israeli soldiers stormed a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza

International powers are closing ranks in condemning the deadly raid.

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