NEW WEBSITE: The Gaza Flotilla archive from

Thanks to Ali Abuminah, this website will give you all of the facts and figures and testimonies from the Freedom Flotilla. Greta

Co-founder and webmaster of Electronic Intifada has created an inspired website supporting the flotilla:

Includes fact sheets, media coverage, statements, videos, and protests. Great resource. is a new media library project that plans to publish a series of both topic-specific and current event-focused archive websites, with the help of the pro-Palestinian community and beyond.

The Gaza Flotilla archive-found at -is a freely-available research resource on the events that took place in international waters off the coast of Gaza on 31 May 2010.

The project was launched by new media activist and journalist Nigel Parry, co-founder of The Electronic Intifada, former webmaster of Birzeit University, and an award-winning web designer.

Submissions and other collaborative input are welcomed. Contact or via contact [at] delegitimize [dot] com.

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