A petition I wrote on Freedom for Palestine-freedom for humanity, it’ll be a worldwide effort By M Khodr MD

23 June, 2010 — Palestine Think Tank


The Article is the Petition, please click on the petition address to sign it. The goal of freeing Palestine and working for freedom for all humanity from any form of subjugation is above all consideration of turf wars, jealousy and infighting. We’re all working toward the same goals so let’sunite to achieve that goal, God willing in our lifetime.

Please disseminate it far and wide.

God bless and may peace reign in the Holy land and in our world.

Mohamed Khodr M.D

US Fear Factory kills free speech By Yvonne Ridley

23 June, 2010 — Witness GazaFree Gaza

AMERICA is still embarrassed by the infamous McCarthy Hearings which ruined the lives of thousands of innocents during the Fifties.Anyone then, suspected of being linked to communism was arrested, interrogated and either imprisoned or forced to give names of others suspected of communist tendencies.

And so the fear and intimidation spread like a great plague across the USA.

Names were blacklisted, careers and lives ruined as the authorities ruthlessly traded on peoples’ fears, paranoia and weaknesses. With little or no evidence people were found guilty and anyone daring to question any of the actions and the wild accusations also had suspicion cast upon them.

But hey folks, that was back in the Fifties and various administrations resolved the same insane hysteria, hatred and fears would never again cast a dark shadow across the Land of the Free.

Sadly, the Salem-style witch hunts have returned, but the new villains are no longer communists. The Red Scare has been replaced by those who shout Viva Palestina!
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Black Agenda Report 23 June, 2010: No Solution to U.S. Crises / Black Politics Ends / U.S. Social Forum Begins / Fascism Enters Through "Terror" Door

23 June, 2010 — Black Agenda Report

America Can’t Solve Crises Because It’s a Company-Owned Town

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
The Great Gusher in the Gulf is a political, not simply an economic and environmental, crisis. “No amount of public disgust at BP has moved Obama to behave as if he is beholden to the majority that elected him – for the simple reason that he is not.”

Freedom Rider: The Death of Black Politics

by BAR editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

New York Rep. Charles Rangel is among the many Black elected officials that make periodic political and physical pilgrimages to Israel, swearing undying loyalty. In a shamelessly groveling performance last week, Rangel took part in a Times Square press conference where he “claimed a bizarre connection between the freedom flotilla and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.”

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