Statewatch News Online, No 2: 21 June 2010

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1.   LIBYA-UNHCR: Migreurop statement: the bid is rising, migrants pay the price
2.   EU-TRAFFICKING: Council: Latest draft: preventing and combating trafficking in human beings
3.   UK: Stop and search used illegally against thousands
4.   EU: UK monitors suspected radicals as part of European surveillance project
5.   UN: BC Civil Liberties Association/ICLMG: Rights groups challenge United Nations blacklist in court
6.   USA: Physicians for Human Rights: Experiments in torture: ‘Enhanced’ Interrogation Program
7.   EU: Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group (EDPS): Coordinated Supervision of Eurodac: Activity Report
8.   EU: Commission: Annual Report 2009: On Relations between the Commission and National Parliaments
9.   EU: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) report: Becoming vulnerable in Europe
10. EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, 3-4 June 2010
11. EU: Commission: “Action Plan Implementing the Stockholm Programme”
12. UK: Statewatch: UK Government’s “clumsy, indiscriminate and disproportionate” approach to DNA retention
13. Italy: Statewatch analysis: Shocking death spotlights prisoners’ plight
14. EU: EU-US and Member States 2010 Declaration on Counterterrorism
15. UK: Statewatch: Shock and anger at the violent policing tactics used at the G8 Summit
16. Italy: Statewatch: The internal and external fronts: security package and returns to Libya
17. Germany: Statewatch: Federal Republic’s security services from the Cold War to the “new security architecture”
18. EU: Musical chairs in Brussels
19. Slovakia/Algeria: Expulsion contravenes ECtHR orders
20. UK: Bill to abolish ID cards published: Identity Documents Bill

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Protesters Picket Israeli Cargo Ship

20 June, 2010 — Tom Vee Videos

In Oakland, California an Israeli ship was blocked by protesters for the first time in history. 700-1000 protesters blocked three different gates at 5:30 A.M. keeping dockworkers from unloading the Israeli cargo.

ILWU members refused to cross picketline – citing “health & safety” provisions of their contract. Management demanded “instant arbitration.” The arbitrator took a look at the picketlines at each gate to the SSA Terminal and ruled that ILWU members were justified in refusing to cross.

All dockworkers were sent home with FULL PAY.

Special thanks to the Brass Liberation Orchestra for their performances today.

The Final End of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm By Dr. Tom Termotto

19 June, 2010 – Dissident Voice

These are the realities on the ground (undersea floor), in the water (Gulf of Mexico & Seven Seas), and in the air (atmosphere) in the wake of the Oil & Gas Industry operations around the globe, as it has operated for well over 100 years. For illustration purposes let’s just focus on the northern Gulf Coast of Mexico, since that is where Mother Earth has directed our collective attention. We can do this quickly by consulting the following map of the oil and gas platforms that were in operation throughout the Gulf of Mexico in 2006 (per Wikipedia).

Please be aware that oil and gas exploration, drilling and extraction have been conducted for many decades in the Gulf. Therefore we know that there are an untold number of vast empty caverns which have been emptied of their oil and gas. We also know that, when a repository has been emptied very quickly, there is a shock of sorts to the system, or geological formations that exist around and contiguous to these prospects. One can easily imagine how the entire balance of the undersea ecosystem and sub-seafloor geology can be irrevocably affected by the relentless intrusions and profoundly invasive techniques conducted by this industry.

Let’s now contextualize this state of affairs by fast-forwarding to 2012. As Mother Earth rocks and rolls in preparation for her rejuvenation, we are all witnessing huge and unprecedented changes to her beautiful form. For instance we know there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of earthquakes and volcanoes, both on land and undersea around the world. We know that global climate change has been occurring for decades and has manifested in some places as global warming, others as global cooling, and still others as global deluges and global droughts, etc. Regardless of where you domicile, we can all agree that things are really changing. And very fast, due to the various accelerations and compression of time which occur during the final phase of the galactic creation cycle per Mayan calendrics and cosmogony.

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