Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 20-26 June, 2010

Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 20-26 June, 2010

Poland Conditioned to Counter Germany and Russia
“Europe is increasingly reluctant to pay with the lives of its people for the oil the US plans to extract from Iraq or for the hunt for the US-invented Al Qaeda. Having been instrumental in bringing down the iron curtain between Europe and the USSR, Washington is now trying to rebuild the iron curtain between Europe and Russia and thus to impose – in the form of strategic partnership – the roles of US satellites on the European countries. In this respect, the US plans and Poland’s phobias combine seamlessly…”

Russia Reacts To New UN Sanctions On Iran
“Many observers pointed at the fact that President Obama`s peace-loving statements during his election campaign and later at Cairo University do not comply with Washington’s official position… The Middle East security in the years to come greatly depends on the way cooperation between Russia, the US and Iran develops further…”

Russia and the XXI Century Geopolitical Challenges. On the Eve of President D. Medvedev’s Visit to the US
“Russia gained enormous foreign-politics experience across the world in the imperial epoch and in the Soviet era. Assessing the Russian-US relations over the past year from the standpoint of this experience, one readily concludes that the highlight for the period of time has been Washington’s offer to press the reset button. No doubt, there are profound reasons why the US wants its relations with Russia reset… Like all things in the world, the global political climate tends to be fluid, but geopolitical landscapes do persist. On the whole, the contours of the Eurasian geopolitical landscape remain unchanged, and a special place in it belongs to Russia…”

Russia – Latin America: the union of solidarity and pragmatism
“No doubt that Medvedev will have to withstand the strong pressure from Obama concerning “the anti-American character of the Russian-Venezuelan relations”. The words that a liberal politician and dictator Chavez cannot not have anything in common will definitely be said. It is not excluded, that it will be directly recommended to the Russian guest to scale down all the programs of its military technical cooperation with Venezuela. We expect Obama to assure Medvedev that the US will appreciate this step and the doors of the WTO will be opened wide for Russia…”

“Nobody But We!”. On President D. Medvedev’s Visit to the US
“Russian President D. Medvedev will travel to the US on June 22-24. The visit will include a Silicon Valley tour and talks in Washington aimed at boosting the cooperation between Russia and the US in the innovations and high tech sector… These days, Russia is facing the modernization challenge… It should be realized with utmost clarity that the US or any other country are not going to help modernize Russia. Russia’s main modernization strategy – and likely the only one – should sound as the motto of its air-born special forces: “Nobody but We!”…”

Rafe MAIR (Canada)
What if the wheels fall off the EU bus?
“I don’t say that the wheels are going to fall off but observe that they are pretty wobbly these days, forcing this question – what if the Union does disintegrate? What if the glue which has kept Europe making cars not tanks stops sticking?..”

Escalation in Karabakh in the Context of President D. Medvedev’s Visit to the US and the Coming “Battle Over Iran”
“Regardless of its outcome, a new round of fighting in Karabakh would result in the complete expulsion of Russia from the South Caucasus, become a logical outgrowth of the US anti-Iranian politics, and be a prologue to a major war in the Middle East…”

Aleksandr SHUSTOV
Kyrgyzstan: waiting for new riots
“Kyrgyzstan is waiting for new riots believed to take place ahead of the national referendum on constitution scheduled for 27-th of June. This time, tensions are expected to hit the northern parts of Kyrgyzstan. The authorities have tightened security in the region, with special task forces blocking all roads leading to the country and inspecting vehicles…”

June 26 – the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
“In Russia 50% of confiscated drugs are imported drugs. There are five main routes of drug trafficking to Russia: the Baltic route – from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Scandinavian countries and Russia’s Kaliningrad region; the Western route – from Ukraine and Belarus; the Caucasian route – from Georgia and Azerbaijan; the Central-Asian route – from Afghanistan and Pakistan with transit via Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan; the Far East route – from China. The drug addiction environment in Russia is aggravating…”

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