Notebook #2: The Rate of Exploitation: The Case of the iPhone

26 September 2019 — MR OnlineTricontinental

The Rate of Exploitation - The Case of the iPhone

As readers will notice, this is an excellent piece of work by our comrades at Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. We have done our best to layout the Notebook in HTML format but we highly recommend the PDF version (click here to download), which has been laid out beautifully for the purpose of education and discussion.

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On TEDx, Gene Therapy, Profits, and Criminal Thinking By Phil Butler

7 March 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


And the headlines read, “Putin wants his own private internet.” This genius stroke of Neanderthal mass information came from TechRadar via the golden string of stupidity that emanates from Bloomberg. This “thread” I speak of is the connective tissue of the most ominous force in the history of our planet. How’s that for sensational? Now let me show you why America’s propaganda machine will be the end of us all. Very soon, thinking at all will be a crime.

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Media: Tom Friedman's Apple Hunch By Peter Hart

20 February 2013 FAIR Blog

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman is, for reasons that remain entirely unclear, considered a wise man in elite media circles. His columns and books are read by others in the business, who then turn around and pretend they know something because they read it in a Tom Friedman column.

Thomas Friedman

NYT’s Friedman

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Apple’s China Comes Home to Haunt Us By Robert Scheer

15 February, 2012TruthdigRobert Scheer

Four decades ago Richard Nixon, a once famously hawkish Republican president, cut a deal with the Communist overlords of China to reshape the world. The result was a transformation of the global economy in ways that we are only now, with the sharp critiques of Apple’s China operation, beginning to fully comprehend.

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Video: The Truth of the Apple iPad Behind Foxconn's Lies

13 February, 2012The Real News Network

As someone who has been using a Mac since 1984, the thought that it’s made with parts assembled with virtual slave labour, doesn’t sit well with me. Yet, can anything different be said of the many millions more computers and other consumer products assembled with parts made in China? Or for that matter any of the other cheap labour production centres scattered across the planet? Seems to me that opposition to Apple is highly selective. We’ve been living off the labour of most of the planet for the past five centuries and continue to do so without too many complaints from us privileged people. Surely the focus should be on Capitalism not China? Let the Chinese workers deal with their end. The fact is, if we were to have to pay the real price for all the marvels of consumer capitalism, how many pcs do you think there would be in people’s homes and workplaces? See Apple Asks Outside Group to Inspect Factories, NYT, 14 February 2012

Video produced by Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior

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