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11 November, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

G20 and the Federal Reserve’s Dictate 11.11.2010 | 11:19 | PUSTOVOITOVA Elena

The US Federal Reserve announced it would additionally pump some freshly printed $600b into the economy via a new treasuries buying program. The message thus sent to the world is that as always the Federal Reserve is going to advance its own interests regardless of the impact of its steps on the global economy… Access to the on/off button of the FRS printing press opens opportunities to manipulate the currency, to arbitrarily send inflation sprawling or generate liquidity droughts, and therefore to trigger crises. The US crises of 1948-1949, 1953-1954, 1957-1958, 1960-1961, 1969-1971, and 1973-1975 were widely attributed to the FRS…

Israel’s cyber wars 10.11.2010 | 23:47 | DIMLEVICH Nikolai

In the situation of military and political standoff against the Arabic World the authorities of Israel are paying particular attention to the information war… The Israeli authorities think that if there are no international legal mechanisms, which restrict the use of software and equipment for cyber attacks, they are free to use them without any agreements with international organizations and other states….


Obama’s India Tour 10.11.2010 | 11:10 | VOLODIN Andrei

One often gets an impression that the Indian political elite lacks realism in dealing with China and South Asia. M.K.Bhadrakumar, a remarkable Indian political analyst, wrote: “India could and should have been a serious player had our diplomacy not allowed our understanding with Russia and Iran to wither away through the past 9-year period”… more

NATO Standards and Russia’s Armed Forces 09.11.2010 | 16:09 | Victor KOVALEV, Yuri MATVIENKO

The incorporation of Russia’s armed forces into NATO would automatically give Brussels control over the country’s nuclear arsenals which are the backbone of its military might… As soon as NATO strategists get a grip on Russia, any talk of G8 or G20 would stop to make sense. Russia would – on top of serving as the donor of natural resources – turn into the West’s military satellite and into a buffer zone separating the wealthy Europe from the rising Muslim Asia and the awakened China… more

Canada Takes on the US and China in a Sludge Match 07.11.2010 | 18:05 | MAIR Rafe (Canada)

The Alberta Tar Sands are the globe’s last big time oil field with every major oil company involved. It’s the world’s largest energy project, the world’s largest construction and the world’s largest capital project and, hard as it is to believe in this day and age, there’s been no comprehensive assessment of its environmental, economic, or social impact. It should be noted that Canadais the largest supplier of oil to the US amounting to 1/5th of their needs…


The AfPak shadow over Central Asia and the future of the NATO 06.11.2010 | 11:24 | BHADRAKUMAR Melkulangara (India)

In the medium term, US is quietly, persistently working on energy projects to tap the Caspian and Central Asian reserves. At the NATO summit in Lisbon on November 19-20, the AfPak strategy will morph into a transitional phase (2011-2014) leading to the alliance’s long-term habitation
in the region… The future of the NATO – and the US’ trans-Atlantic ties – is at stake…

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