The G20 is dead. Long live the G20

Friday, 19 November 2022 — Indian Punchline


US president Joe Biden (R) and Chinese president Xi Jinping met at Bali, Nov 14, 2022. Biden said they discussed their responsibility to prevent competition and find ways to work together.

The seventeenth G20 Heads of State and Government Summit held in Bali, Indonesia, on 15–16 November stands out as a consequential event from many angles. The international politics is at an inflection point and the transition will not leave unaffected any of the institutions inherited from the past that is drifting away forever.

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Goodbye G20, Hello BRICS+

Thursday, 17 November 2022 — Internationalist 360°

Pepe Escobar

The increasingly irrelevant G20 Summit concluded with sure signs that BRICS+ will be the way forward for Global South cooperation.

The redeeming quality of a tense G20 held in Bali – otherwise managed by laudable Indonesian graciousness – was to sharply define which way the geopolitical winds are blowing.

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to media questions following the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Denpasar, July 8, 2022

Friday, 8 July 2022 — Russian Foreign Ministry

The Group of 20 Foreign Ministers Meeting, convened at the initiative of Indonesia under its G20 presidency, focused on two major topics. The first topic is the crisis of multilateralism and the need to take all possible measures to overcome this crisis and return to the principles enshrined in the UN Charter – specifically, the sovereign equality of all states and the resolution of issues through negotiations. During the second session, we discussed the current situation with food and energy security. Our position on these two matters is well known. We presented it.

Book Review: Mark Carney: value or price?

15 March 2021 — Michael Roberts Blog

Mark Carney has a book out. It is called Value(s): Building A Better World For All.  Canadian born Carney was formerly the governor of the Bank of England – the best paid governor ever at £680,000 a year plus £250,000 housing expenses.  Carney recently commented that “You don’t get rich in public service.”!

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Tensions in Hamburg: The G20 Fractures By Dr. Binoy Kampmark

9 July 2017 — Global Research

“I think it’s very clear that we could not reach consensus, but the differences were not papered over, they were clearly stated.” – Angela Merkel, BBC News, Jul 8, 2017

Such gatherings and summits are not always smooth, but on a planet bearing witness to a Trump presidency, there was always going to be a chance for more excitement at the G20 meet at Hamburg. Storm clouds have been brewing over economics, trade, and security, and these threatened to open with a deluge of resentment and threat. As proceedings continued, a general sense did eek through discussions: the G20 would have been far more appropriately termed the G19+1.

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Silencing the British People: The Legacy of Thatcherism and the Iraq War By Jason Langley

18 April 2013 — Global Research

It is often said that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If a person or a group of people has the power to do as they wish without fear of having to answer for their actions in any meaningful manner, would they feel obligated to listen to those who protest against their actions? Would they feel that those with less power than their own are worthy of being heard?

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Video: EU: Democracy Incompatible with Debt Collection By Michael Hudson

3 November 2011 — Michael Hudson

To talk more about this, we’re joined by Democracy Now! video stream from Germany by Michael Hudson, who’s been closely following the Greek crisis. Professor Hudson is president of the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends, distinguished research professor of economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, author of Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire. Continue reading

Final timetable out now – Europe Against Austerity Conference

29 September 2011

Saturday 1 October 10am-5pm, Camden Centre, London, WC1H 9AU


Protesters in front of the finance ministry in Athens. Europe is on the brink of breakdown. A Greek default is almost inevitable. Already standards of living in Greece are plummeting,and protests are mounting in Greece and around the continent.


On Saturday hundreds of activists, trade unionists and left politicians from across the continent are gathering in London for a conference to discuss the crisis and co-ordinate resistance.

Greek strikers, activists from the Spanish ‘Indignant’ movement, leaders of the French New Anticapitalist Party, the German Left Party and the Portuguese Left Bloc will all be there along with members of Attac, the European Left Party, COBAS from Italy and many more.

The full timetable is below. Do everything you can to be at this historic event. Please facebook, tweet and e-mail widely.  Click here for the Facebook event.

Register for Europe Against Austerity conference here

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Videos: Thousands of G20 Detentions Illegal: Ontario Ombudsman

25 June 2011 — The Real News Network

Thousands of G20 Detentions Illegal: Ontario Ombudsman
Paul Jay asks Ombudsman Andre Marin who is responsible and who has been held accountable for “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history”

RCMP vs Toronto Police – Who Wanted “Martial Law” Legislation?
The RCMP says they didn’t know that Chief Blair requested Public Works Protection Act, Blair says he did it on their advice

Toronto G-20: Will Police be Held Accountable After Scathing Ombudsman’s Report?
TRNN Replay: Paul Jay: If use of “martial law” was illegal, are most arrests at G-20 also illegal?

New on Strategic Culture Foundation 6-11 November, 2010

11 November, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

G20 and the Federal Reserve’s Dictate 11.11.2010 | 11:19 | PUSTOVOITOVA Elena

The US Federal Reserve announced it would additionally pump some freshly printed $600b into the economy via a new treasuries buying program. The message thus sent to the world is that as always the Federal Reserve is going to advance its own interests regardless of the impact of its steps on the global economy… Access to the on/off button of the FRS printing press opens opportunities to manipulate the currency, to arbitrarily send inflation sprawling or generate liquidity droughts, and therefore to trigger crises. The US crises of 1948-1949, 1953-1954, 1957-1958, 1960-1961, 1969-1971, and 1973-1975 were widely attributed to the FRS…

Israel’s cyber wars 10.11.2010 | 23:47 | DIMLEVICH Nikolai

In the situation of military and political standoff against the Arabic World the authorities of Israel are paying particular attention to the information war… The Israeli authorities think that if there are no international legal mechanisms, which restrict the use of software and equipment for cyber attacks, they are free to use them without any agreements with international organizations and other states….


Obama’s India Tour 10.11.2010 | 11:10 | VOLODIN Andrei

One often gets an impression that the Indian political elite lacks realism in dealing with China and South Asia. M.K.Bhadrakumar, a remarkable Indian political analyst, wrote: “India could and should have been a serious player had our diplomacy not allowed our understanding with Russia and Iran to wither away through the past 9-year period”… more

NATO Standards and Russia’s Armed Forces 09.11.2010 | 16:09 | Victor KOVALEV, Yuri MATVIENKO

The incorporation of Russia’s armed forces into NATO would automatically give Brussels control over the country’s nuclear arsenals which are the backbone of its military might… As soon as NATO strategists get a grip on Russia, any talk of G8 or G20 would stop to make sense. Russia would – on top of serving as the donor of natural resources – turn into the West’s military satellite and into a buffer zone separating the wealthy Europe from the rising Muslim Asia and the awakened China… more

Canada Takes on the US and China in a Sludge Match 07.11.2010 | 18:05 | MAIR Rafe (Canada)

The Alberta Tar Sands are the globe’s last big time oil field with every major oil company involved. It’s the world’s largest energy project, the world’s largest construction and the world’s largest capital project and, hard as it is to believe in this day and age, there’s been no comprehensive assessment of its environmental, economic, or social impact. It should be noted that Canadais the largest supplier of oil to the US amounting to 1/5th of their needs…


The AfPak shadow over Central Asia and the future of the NATO 06.11.2010 | 11:24 | BHADRAKUMAR Melkulangara (India)

In the medium term, US is quietly, persistently working on energy projects to tap the Caspian and Central Asian reserves. At the NATO summit in Lisbon on November 19-20, the AfPak strategy will morph into a transitional phase (2011-2014) leading to the alliance’s long-term habitation
in the region… The future of the NATO – and the US’ trans-Atlantic ties – is at stake…

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ColdType JULY 2010 Issue

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COVER STORY – WELCOME TO TORONTO: Photo-essay on the G20 protests in Canada by Richard Gottardo; words by Tony Sutton. PLUS – Brothers-in-Arms (David Cromwell), the Other World Cup Winners (Nima Shirazi), Police & Bankers Exempt From Austerity (Linda McQuaig), The Wankers Want Their Dividend (Michael I. Niman), Echoing the Pentagon Papers (Colleen Rowley & David Parry), Some Thoughts on Patriotism (William Blum), Tea Party Politics (George Monbiot), Project for Pitiless Centuries (Felicity Arbuthnot), Hold the Front Page! (Yvonne Ridley), Egg on Their Faces Again (Arun Gupta), Bloody Sunday: Now They Have the Truth (Richard Harvey), Letting the Guilty Off the Hook (Eamonn McCann), the Collapsing Western Way of Life (John Kozy), the Case for Human Extinction (Fred Reed), Two Book Reviews, Witnessing Against Torture (Kathy Kelly), Mission Accomplished (David Michael Green)


2. THIS MONTH’S READER EXTRA is PCBs: White-Collar Crime! – An Excerpt from Marie Monique-Robin’s New Book, The World According to Monsanto



3. The Politics Of Genocide, an excerpt from the new book by Edward S. Herman & David Peterson

4. Drunk on War: Call the Politburo, We’re In Trouble, by Tom Engelhardt

5. Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball, by Joe Bageant

6. Live From the Planet Norte, by Joe Bageant

7. Headshot: Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack on the gaza Peace Flotilla, by David Edwards

Enjoy! (and if you don’t, let us know why)

Tony Sutton (Editor)


3 July, 2010 — The Real News Network

Leo Panitch: Free movement of capital and strengthening power of global elites G-20 objective

Leo Panitch is the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto. Panitch is also the author of “Global Capitalism and American Empire” and his most recent release “American Empire and the Political Economy of International Finance”.