Haiti: Rebellion grows against occupiers By G. Dunkel

24 November, 2010 — www.workers.org/

U.S., U.N. & cholera out of Haiti!

For more than a week, mass protests against the U.N.’s occupation have broken out throughout Haiti, especially in Cap-Haïtien on its northern coast and Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. Protests have also taken place in southern cities like Cayes and in the center of the country in Gonaïve.

What fueled these protests, which involved burning barricades, trenches, trees and rock piles placed across National Route 1 and city streets, as well as militant marches, were the raging cholera epidemic and the widespread belief among the people that U.N. troops have introduced the disease into their country. By Nov. 20, more than 1,100 Haitians had died of cholera, and nearly 20,000 were hospitalized.

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22 November, 2010 — http://blog4haiti.hpp4haiti.com/

80% of the population is ready to go to the polls and attorney Jean Henry Céant will be president of Haiti with 53% of votes, indicates the survey conducted by the Haitian Priorities Project of the elections of November 28, 2010.

According to a recent survey conducted by Haitian Priorities Project spearheaded by 50 of its members dispatched around the country to all ten departments, reporting on the progress of the upcoming elections of 28 November 2010.

The people as a whole are prepared to sanction the government Préval/Bellerive in the next few days. This has been revealed by individuals interviewed for more than two weeks across the country.

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STOP THE WAR COALITION Newsletter No.1180 25 November 2010



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“US has unprecedented imperial military presence in the world”

1 November, 2010 RT.com

The American military presence in the world is global, blogger and author Tom Engelhardt told RT.

“The Pentagon usually admits yearly to about 800 military bases or sites from macro to micro, but in their account they do not include anything in war zones,” he said. “It is particularly strange because bases traditionally more or less were the way you kept colonies, but for us the bases are actually the thing.”

“The US military now has a kind of secret military inside it and those are the special operations forces which have been incredibly beefed up and taken over certain activities that once were more CIA-type activities in the Bush and now Obama period… They are stationed now in 75 countries,” added Engelhardt. “There are only 192 countries in the UN – I think that is the latest figure – so you are talking about somewhere upwards of 40 percent just for special operations forces. It is a lot.”

Russia and NATO: ‘Not a piece of furniture’ By Eric Walberg

24 November, 2010 — Eric Walberg

nato-no.jpgMedvedev’s presence in Lisbon was more a show of Russia’s importance than of subservience to the Euro-Atlantic alliance, says Eric Walberg

The results of the NATO summit were as predictable as a Soviet Communist Party congress, with the word “peace” replaced by “war”. NATO’s embrace of the US agenda of missile defence, nuclear arms, and its new role as global policeman surprised no one. No word about the United Nations or peacekeeping. In deference to Russia, the only mention of eastern expansion was continued “partnerships” with former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan were also offered special status. The new Strategic Doctrine, replacing the more modest Euro-centric 1999 model, really just reaffirmed US control of the foreign policy of what Zbigniew Brzezinski called its “vassal states”.

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Black Agenda Report 24 November, 2010: Fascist Skies and Streets / Selling out the Net / Haiti Colonized

24 November, 2010 — BAR

Congressman Bobby Rush, the Color of Change and the Color of Truth

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon
In the next Congress, Chicago’s Bobby Rush wants to the the ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet. While there is much to like and admire about the congressman’s long career, Color of Change’s James Rucker points out, putting Bobby Rush in charge of safeguarding a free and open internet is putting a corporate-funded fox in charge of the people’s henhouse.

Freedom Rider: Obama Style Fascism

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The germs of fascism infest both parties, thriving among Republican and Democratic hosts, alike. Barack Obama’s 2008 victory was also a new lease on life for George Bush’s foreign wars and strangulation of domestic civil liberties, most recently in the assault on travelers bodies at airports. The first Black president rules very much like the last white president, and “the absence of outrage directed in the right direction makes us more endangered now than in the days when Bush occupied the White House.”

If the Airport is a Police State, What is the Ghetto?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
It is right to howl at the indignities inflicted on airline passengers – but hypocritical, if the howls come from folks who applaud or remain silent while police in big cities across the country subject hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino males to arbitrary stop and frisks. “As a Black male who is often perceived as Latino or Middle-Eastern, I expect to get stopped and questioned, pulled from the crowd and patted down.”

Black August and Crises of Hip-Hop as Euphemism

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor Jared A. Ball
Hip-hop has become a meaningless word – or worse, a word shellacked with so many saleable commercial and political meanings that it becomes a weapon against the very people that originated the genre. A new film is circulating, with clarifying impact. “The film forces a real conflict over who defines hip-hop, who uses it for what and what those of us who claim to know better are actually doing to address these and related concerns.”

Haiti Election: Theatrical Prelude to Colonization

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Sunday’s election is the last thing Haiti’s majority wants or needs. It is the United States that needs Sunday’s election in Haiti to provide “a veil of legality on the theft of Haiti’s sovereignty and independence by U.S. imperialism and its allies.” Haitians have been given a choice to validate their own re-enslavement. Most will choose No.

Media’s “Discovery” of the Scott Sisters

by Richard Prince
The case of the Scott Sisters cannot be said to have instantly captured the attention of the media, Black or white. The two Black Mississippi women have been in prison for 16 years, serving double-life sentences in an $11 armed robbery. The journey from incarcerated invisibility began with a small website, and may yet set the Scott Sisters free.

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Obama’s Deficit Commission “Shows the Hand” of Corporate Democrats and Their Republican Allies, says Nader
The recommendations put forward by the two co-chairs of President Obama’s deficit reduction commission are so “over the top,” says consumer advocate Ralph Nader, “if there’s anything that ought to get the liberal left going, it’s this monstrosity, which Obama has to take some responsibility for.” The former presidential candidate says the assault on social programs “shows the hand of the corporate Democrats and their Republican allies in a very distinct way.” What’s not in the co-chairs’ proposal is as glaring as what’s included. “They didn’t say we should have a speculation tax on derivatives and other transactions of Wall Street,” for example, “which economists have estimated could raise $400 billion a year.”
Black Is Back Rally in Washington, DC
Eugenia Charles reports on the cholera epidemic in Haiti, where international aid “is not being used to support the Haitian people”; People’s Organization for Progress director Larry Hamm calls for renewed grassroots organizing to “build a movement stronger than the one we had in the Sixties”; and Black is Back chairman Omali Yeshitela says Barack Obama represents “white power in a Black face.”

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 24 November, 2010: Settlers move into house after Israeli police evict Palestinian family

24 November, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Extremists Attack Jordan Embassy Employees In Tel Aviv
IMEMC – 25 Nov 2010 – Thursday November 25, 2010 – 02:15, An official Jordanian source reported Wednesday that a number Israeli extremists attacked on Tuesday at night two employees working at the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv.

Scandinavian funds divest from companies involved in occupation of Palestinian land
IMEMC – 25 Nov 2010 – Thursday November 25, 2010 – 02:10, Activists with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement claimed another victory on Wednesday as Swedish and Norwegian pension funds announced their divestment from companies doing business in Israeli settlements or with the Israeli military occupying Palestinian land.

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