Housmans Seasonal Reading Recommendations

8 November, 2010 — Housmans Radical Books

Last year Housmans launched our online bookshop, offering a much-needed ethical alternative to Amazon. Amazon continues to use their near-monopoly position to squeeze publishers, and still prevents unionisation amongst their poorly-paid workforce, with sackings and intimidations commonplace for those who try (read more here).

Housmans prides itself on its independence and fairness to both publishers and customers. With this in mind we would like to ask for your support in making our online service a success by:

*buying a book from our online shop at housmans.com!

*helping to spread the word about the shop to your friends, family and colleagues. If you would like materials to help you do this, please email nik[at]housmans.com

Our online shop has over half a million titles, and creating an account takes just a few seconds, so if you haven’t tried out our online shop yet, please consider giving it a try. Visit: www.shop.housmans.com

Here are some seasonal recommendations to get you started:

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Media Lens: WikiLeaks – The Smear And The Denial – Part 2

8 November 2010 — MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media


PART 2 – THE DENIAL (Read Part 1 Here)

WikiLeaks – The Smear And The Denial – Part 2

The UK and US media smears described in Part 1 should be kept in mind when considering the gravity and importance of the latest WikiLeaks. In addition to thousands of previously unreported civilian killings, the leaks revealed more than 1,300 claims of torture by Iraqi police and military between 2005 and 2009. More than 180,000 people were detained at some point between 2004 and 2009, or one in 50 Iraqi males.

But these are only the incidents the US military knew about, or chose to know about, or chose to report; and the documents are an unknown sample of all documentation held by the US government. There are, for example, no reports from the “shock and awe” year of 2003, and none from the tens of thousands of after-attack Pentagon bombing assessments. The leaks also report no civilian deaths in major US atrocities, including the offensive that devastated Fallujah in 2004.

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Liberation: Beyond Resistance Building a People’s Assemblies Movement

9 November, 2010 — Peoples Assembly

When: Saturday 11th December 1-5pm

Where: Birkbeck College

In response to the economic crisis, government cuts and the pressures of globalisation, we are now witnessing the rise of social movements from across the political spectrum in Britain, Europe and beyond. But how can this popular discontent be transformed into an emancipatory political movement? It is the view of many activists that a very different form of mobilisation, and a new kind of politics aimed at changing the balance of power is now urgently required. Taking inspiration from last year’s Climate Justice Action (CJA) mobilisation in Copenhagen, and the many spontaneous calls made there – and elsewhere – for a new movement based on People’s Assemblies, the following planning meeting is now being convened.

Please note: this meeting will involve an open discussion about People’s Assemblies, and what they can do, but the main aim is to plan future action together.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 7 November, 2010: Israeli police demolish mosque in impoverished Arab town

7 November, 2010 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Soldiers shoot worker on north Gaza border
11/7/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was injured Sunday when Israeli forces opened fire at a group of workers collecting stone aggregates near an evacuated Israeli settlement in northern Gaza. Eyewitnesses said 19-year-old Karam Al-Adham was shot in his left leg near the abandoned Eli Sinai structure northwest of Beit Lahiya. He….

Israeli police, Bedouin clash at mosque demolition
11/7/2010 – TEL AVIV, Israel (DPA) — Israeli police on Sunday arrested five people protesting the demolition of a mosque in the Bedouin city of Rahat in southern Israel. Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said the protestors had thrown rocks at the police, who were providing security for civil authority workers who were taking down the structure. The mosque…. Related: Al-Aqsa preacher slams demolition of Negev mosque

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Zionism and Herzl: The Antisemitic Side of Zionism

8 November, 2010 — Gilad Atzmon

If you are interested in Jewish political power and Zionist morbidity you must find the time to watch the first forty minutes of this incredible Israeli documentary. The film outlines what early Zionists thought of their Diaspora Jewish brothers, Jewish wealth, Jewish war mongering and Jewish power.


I do not know much at all about the people behind this film, except that they belong to the Israeli Ultra Orthodox sector. The film is there to expose the inherent anti Jewish discrimination within the Zionist discourse.

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British militants demand One Million Climate Jobs by Martin Empson

7 November, 2010 — Climate and CapitalismCampaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group

People can see that that climate jobs aren’t simply about saving the planet, but there are huge social consequences too.

climate-jobs.jpgThe first edition of the Campaign Against Climate Change’s One Million Climate Jobs Now pamphlet has had a big impact within the British trade union and environmental movements. 8,000 copies have been sold to activists in campaigns and trade unions The central arguments had an immediate resonance in the aftermath of the occupation by workers at the Vestas wind turbine plant.

Before Vestas many of us involved in the trade union side of the Campaign Against Climate Change had been trying to bring together the environmental movement with organised workers. But in many ways this had been an abstract argument. This wasn’t to say that Trade Unionists weren’t interested in environmental questions, nor was it to say that all environmentalists had the stereotypical view of unions as only being interested in jobs. But breaking down the barriers was slow work.

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