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80% of the population is ready to go to the polls and attorney Jean Henry Céant will be president of Haiti with 53% of votes, indicates the survey conducted by the Haitian Priorities Project of the elections of November 28, 2010.

According to a recent survey conducted by Haitian Priorities Project spearheaded by 50 of its members dispatched around the country to all ten departments, reporting on the progress of the upcoming elections of 28 November 2010.

The people as a whole are prepared to sanction the government Préval/Bellerive in the next few days. This has been revealed by individuals interviewed for more than two weeks across the country.

80% of voters qualified to vote in the national elections say they are ready to go to the polls for presidential and senatorial elections of November 28.

Many showed their disagreement with the government in:

  • Management of the country after the earthquake
  • The Minusta
  • The cholera epidemic
  • Exclusion of Fanmi Lavalas in the upcoming elections
  • Non-renewal of the diplomatic passport of President Aristide
  • Préval /Bellerive government’s refusal to permit entry of President Aristide back into the country
  • The manipulation of the Préval government wanting to shove Jude Celestin in the throat of the people as a symbol for continuity.

What continuity questions the respondents while whispering that the Préval government / Bellerive advocates, theft of state resources in favor of its own candidate “insider”, the continuity of living in filth, the systematic theft of the state system, rape, lack of electricity, communication, energy, lack of employment, poor sanitation, cholera and a named agent of the cholera government Dimitri Vorbes who attempts to buy the conscience of people in tents and squalor to its own detriment, etc…

The people as a whole describe the management of this government as catastrophic and are preparing accordingly to give a red card to the government Préval / Bellerive and his cronies on November 28 revealed the survey.

Many decried the choice of Jude Celestin of “Inite” as an insult to the nation and an example of the systematic violation of the rights of the people. Jude Celestin is a violator of the most basic rights wanting to get the “cash for work transformed into cash for vote” in the presence of the international community without any sanctions for such violations.

Then comes former President Bill Clinton—an American in which the people held out a glimmer of hope—but that hope quickly turned into despair. The question that the majority of the Haitian people would ask the U.S. President and hopes that he offers a response to the Haitian nation is how is it that Mr. Clinton disappointed the Haitian people so easily? Is this behavior towards the Haitian people symptomatic of his racial hegemony or pure incompetence in the functioning of Haiti?

Fundamentally we have identified many problems during our meetings which may undermine the electoral process. Roughly 20% of people who are qualified to vote are not provided their registration cards, in addition a large majority of people who have the opportunity to apply for their voter registration cards after September 29, 2010 are banned from voting and will not have the possession of their registration cards even though they applied for their cards more than two months before the elections and such exclusion was not noted or advised beforehand.

Various incidents were orchestrated over the past month around the country by the candidates of the ruling party “Inite “in namely in Port-au-Prince in the first ward, supporters of Job Glorius have emptied their firearms during a meeting chaired by Betty Marcellus candidate from the grouping Vwazinaj.

Candidate in Aquin Calixte Bosse from the political party Pont was attacked Sunday, November 14, 2010 by supporters of Depute Bourjolly—members of the ruling party by spreading tear gas into the crowd—a substance that a candidate for the house of representatives should not be in possession of just to name a few.

It seems that the Préval / Bellerive government and his group Inite are ready to shed blood across the country. Judges, ASEC, CASEC, and members of the respective communities are victims of abuses of this government.

A notable number of presidential candidates accepted by the Electoral College are virtually absent in 9 of the 10 departments in the country except for a small presence in the west.

Among the candidates virtually absent in the 9 departments are Axan Abellard, Chavannes Jeune, Yvon Neptune, Josette Bijou, Eric Charles, Genard Joseph Gerard Blot, Garaudy Laguerre Wilson Jeudy, Jean-Hector Anacacis, and Leon Jeune.

The population does not even know the names of many of the above candidates or their presence in the electoral contests for the month of November 2010.

In the northern department, the majority of people who participated in the survey intend to give a red card to the presidential candidate of the ruling party and the majority of the members of this group.

The people of Haiti are ready to teach a lesson to the Préval government / Bellerive government. They want to make selections, but the people are mobilized to turn this selection into a referendum to prove to the world that the Haitian people are not stupid and that their wishes be must respected by advocating a culture of inclusion within the country, respect for fundamental rights of the people, the only conditions for peace and social justice in the country.

Jude Celestin’s picture is everywhere in the country, despite the lack of money, despite the fact that the majority of the people suffer, in spite of the international community’s presence and the solidarity that the world shows for Haiti.

If money could decide who will be the next president, Jude Celestin would have already had the presidency, but the people are prepared to collect money from the ruling party Inite for the work done on their behalf in Montana Hotel and the money from international solidarity, but their votes will remain a matter of heart.

The budget for the campaign of the Préval / Bellerive party “Inite” for the upcoming elections on November 28, 2010 is enormous and cannot be money from reliable sources due the precarious economic resources in the country.

The money spent by the Préval/Bellerive government and his party “Inite” should be investigated, if there existed serious state institutions in the country.

Candidates with a national presence are: Jean Henry Céant, Yves Christalin, Mirlande Manigat Hyppolite, Jacques-Edouard Alexis, Michel Martelly, Leslie Voltaire, Jude Celestin, and Charles Henry Baker

Jean Henry Céant is the candidate who will win the elections with to 53% of the votes followed by Yves Christallin 10%, Mirlande Manigat 8%, 7% Jude Celestin, Jacques Edouard Alexis 5%, Leslie Voltaire 4%, Charles Henry Baker 4%, Michel Martelly 3%

Haitian Priorities Project Will catalogue the crimes committed by supporters and members of the ruling party “Inite” so that these incidents will never happen again within the population.

The survey was conducted at the expense of the Haitian Priorities Project from November 1 to November 13 2010 of the current year with a sample of 50,000 people across the country.

Margin of error estimated at + or -3% in the national sample was noted.


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