Egypt: Vodafone Supports Dictatorship by Hossam el-Hamalawy

2 February, 2011 — MRZine

So not only did Vodafone have a disgraceful role during the April 2008 Mahalla uprising, now also the company is sending out text messages announcing pro-Mubarak’s protests.

Vodafone EgyptMassive demonstration to start at noon this Wednesday from Mustafa Mahmoud Square, in support of President Mubarak

Can activists in the UK sue the mother company?

Hossam el-Hamalawy is an Egyptian socialist, journalist, and photographer.  Visit his blog: <>.  Follow Hossam el-Hamalawy at <>.  Note also that Vodafone, as instructed by the Egyptian regime, had cut off its services to Egyptian customers on the 28th before reportedly restoring it on the 29th: “All mobile operators in Egypt have been instructed to suspend services in selected areas.  Under Egyptian legislation the authorities have the right to issue such an order and we are obliged to comply with it.  The Egyptian authorities will be clarifying the situation in due course” (Vodafone Egypt, 28 January 2011).  Cf.

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