Zionist Mu-Barak: Violence in Tahrir Square

4 February, 2011

Earlier today, hired thugs threw Molotov cocktails at peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square, and men on camels and horses rode into the crowd with batons, injuring people and hoping to sow chaos, and thereby hoping to ensure that people think that the Mubarak government must stay in place to endure an “orderly transition.” Some reports assert that 5000 or more have been injured. Eyewitness reports are that captured thugs have police IDs. Others were reportedly bribed or beaten into throwing rocks or assaulting the revolutionary protesters. Government propaganda asserts that it is Muslim Brotherhood militants throwing the firebombs on the people.

The army, meanwhile, “is calling on protesters to go and stay home for Egypt’s security.” That is the counter-revolution. And as I write, reports are that anti-regime protesters have repelled Mubarak’s goons from Tahrir Square.

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