Tunisia Newslinks for 10 February, 2011

10 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisian leader asks restive people to be patient
Reuters Africa
TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisia’s caretaker president on Wednesday appealed to people demanding better living conditions after the toppling of their previous …

France: President Tells Ministers to Vacation at Home
New York Times
By STEVEN ERLANGER President Nicolas Sarkozy tried to put a lid on the political furor over senior ministers’ taking free flights in Tunisia and Egypt last …

Labor movement drives Egypt, Tunisia protests
The Detroit News
All the talk about the role of Facebook and Twitter and other new media in enabling the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Algeria has taken the …

TUNISIA: Paris to have either a Rue or Place Mohammad Bouazizi
Los Angeles Times
Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe declared Wednesday that “there will be shortly a Mohamed Bouazizi square or street in Paris, in tribute to the Tunisian…

The revolution is just a tweet away
ABC Online
While protests continue in Egypt, Tunisia is preparing for elections after uprisings deposed its dictatorship. The protests have spread like wildfire across …

Arab leaders pin hopes on subsidies to allay anger
The Associated Press
In the wake of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, countries including Jordan, Yemen and Syria announced plans to ease the rage over decades of economic …

The Curious Case of Tunisia
Harvard Crimson
But what about Tunisia, the country whose revolution sparked this wildfire last month? Most of the Middle East is wildly unpredictable at this point,…

Tehran vows to crush rally supporting Tunis, Cairo
Washington Times
By Ben Birnbaum After praising the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, Iranian authorities Wednesday threatened to crush a domestic rally proposed to show …

Egypt and Tunisia: Lessons in social unrest
RIA Novosti
Mubarak and ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali have a lot in common. Both overcame their humble origins to ascend to the highest echelons of …

Political instability in Tunisia and Egypt likely to discourage Western …
Political turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia could deter Westerners from taking jobs in the Gulf, a recruitment agency has reported. An anti-government protestor …

SeaDream joins Disney, Costa Cruises in dropping Tunisia calls
USA Today
By Gene Sloan, USA TODAY SeaDream Yacht Club is joining the Disney Cruise Line and Costa Cruises in dropping calls in Tunisia, citing unrest in the country. …

Tunisia, Egypt top agenda at French Jewish event
Jerusalem Post
The recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt topped the agenda at the annual dinner of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, …

AP source: Clapper sees al-Qaida as top threat
The Associated Press
House Intelligence Committee members are expected to ask whether the intelligence community fumbled its analysis of the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia. …

Syria Restores Access to Facebook and YouTube
New York Times
Activists in Tunisia used the Internet in December and January to help amass support for the protests and revolt that toppled the government of Zine …

William Hague braves Yemen’s al-Qaeda militants
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
“It was very interesting to see what was happening in Tunisia,” said Mr Hague. Tunisia was the first stop on his five-nation tour, where the old,…

Morocco pressured to step up reforms
RABAT — Emboldened by the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, demands for political reforms are now mounting in Morocco, touching even the country’s …

Tunisia: Nation Announces Decisions in Favour of Judges’ Association AMT
… Karoui Chebbi announced a series of immediate decisions in favour of the members of the executive committee of the Tunisian Judges’ Association AMT. …

USC Aiken panel focuses on Tunisia, Egypt
The Augusta Chronicle
By Carole Hawkins Despite demands for more freedoms in Egypt and Tunisia by protestors, a country like Switzerland isn’t going to happen overnight. …

After Tunisia and Egypt: The mood in the Arab streets and palaces
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
The recent Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia and uprising Egypt has shaken up the Arab world. While, on the one hand, it has raised hopes among the people, …

Air France-KLM slumps after profit warning
… traffic control strikes, bad weather on both sides of the Atlantic and instability in parts of western Africa and more recently in Tunisia and Egypt. …

Is Queen Rania the Next Target of Middle Eastern Violence?
The Stir
But her lavish lifestyle may soon come to end as Jordan is showing some signs that it could be the next Egypt or Tunisia. Recent revolts, like the ones that …

Ben’s Bender Blows Up Egypt
Surging food prices sparked the unrest that’s storming through Tunisia, Egypt and other countries. Of course there were profound political problems and …

Liberty sprouts from the roots of tyranny
We saw it in Tunisia last month when people decided they could take no more from a president who had ruled for more than two decades. …

The poverty of dictatorship
Egypt and Tunisia performed well in social and economic benchmarks – but that’s not enough to keep autocrats in power. Perhaps the most striking finding in …

Italian interior minister warns on terrorist infiltration from Tunisia
Focus News
Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni warned on Wednesday against possible terrorist infiltration coming from crisis-hit Tunisia, Xinhua informed. …

All roads lead to Turkey for the West
Hurriyet Daily News
Crises first in Tunisia and then in Egypt have further reinforced the perception in the eyes of the West that Turkey is an attractive and unprecedented …

Ennahda Movement returns to Tunisian politics
The party speech focused on modernism, respect for human rights and the need to preserve the gains of freedom achieved by Tunisia. According to Ennahda …

Tunisia: Caretaker Government and UGTT Agree on Nomination of New Governors
Tunis — The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the interim Government agreed on the nomination of new governors known for their aptitude and …

Fiction Blossoms into Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution | FPIF
A literary novel from 1990 becomes a historical reality on the streets of Tunisia in 2011.

Tunisia: 326 prisoners released
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
Tunisia: 326 prisoners released. TUNISIAONLINENEWS- On Wednesday, Justice Minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi decided following the proposal of the Parole Committee, the release of 326 prisoners who received parole. …

Tunisia, Egypt & our very own “
By hartalmsm
Pix from www.globefordarfur.org/darfur.html. Did you know that Tunisia ranked 186 in the Freedom of the Press index 2010? That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Egypt placed a dismal 130th in the Freedom House survey …

Tunisia’s interim leader to hold talks with unions | http://www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
Tunisia’s interim president Foued Mebazaa announced that talks with unions would be held soon, after he was given wide powers to restore order following the ouster of ex-leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.Tunisia’s Senate agreed unanimously …

Tunisia and Egypt rise uo: Victory to the Arab peoples’ Intifada …
By admin
The current revolutionary struggles in Tunisia and Egypt furnish yet more proof of the correctness of this profound observation. Before the events of recent weeks, both Tunisia and Egypt presented an outward image of calm serenity. …

Will Libya Be the Next Tunisia or Egypt? | DAILYSPORTS NEWS TRENDS
By Admin1
Libyan President Colonel Qaddafi must be feeling the heat of the recent upheavals taking place around him. He has just seen the regime of President Bin Ali in.

Tunisia senate agrees to widen presidential powers – Democratic …
Tunisia senate agrees to widen presidential powers.

Tunisia Daily “ Syria Restores Access to Facebook and YouTube …
By tunisia – Google News
Activists in Tunisia used the Internet in December and January to help amass support for the protests and revolt that toppled the government of Zine … Syria: ‘A kingdom of silence’Aljazeera.net. Syria lifts ban on Facebook, …

Tunisia senate agrees to widen presidential powers
By Samotalis
Tunisia’s senate has passed legislation that gives interim President Fouad Mebazaa the power to rule by decree. The move comes three weeks after protesters ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali from power into exile in Saudi Arabia. …

TUNISIA: Paris to have either a Rue or Place Mohammad Bouazizi
By Los Angeles Times
Tunisia-bouazzizi Against a backdrop of French Cabinet ministers under fire for accepting gifts from Arab autocrats, one Paris politician is offering a gesture of appreciation for the Tunisian man whose Dec. 17 death by self-immolation …

Upfront Africa-Voice Of America: Uprising in Egypt and Tunisia …
By J. Muneza M’vunganyi
The mass uprising in Tunisia—known as the Jasmine revolution brought an end to the 28 year dictatorship of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. In Egypt thousands of people have been demanding that Hosni Mubarak steps down. …

Tunisia violence continues…
By ShawarmaMayor
Five people were killed in Tunisia last week as an upsurge of violence threatens to turn the revolution for freedom into a state of anarchy or the seed for a radical Muslim regime of rule by force. Last month’s street revolution forced …

Tunisia turmoil: Stowaway travelled 500 miles hidden under bus …
By admin
The Tunisian wanted to flee the turmoil in his country so climbed underneath Zurich FC’s team coach for its freezing journey across Europe on Saturday afternoon. Read more on this…

Iranian opposition leaders dearth to stage rally in support of …
By admin
Islamabad, Pakistan Irans two leading opposition facts undergo called pro a rally arrived support of the uprisings arrived Egypt and Tunisia, an opposition.

Islam in Europe: EU: Risk of terror ‘infiltration’ from Tunisia …
By Esther
There is a risk that escapees from Tunisia’s jails after last month’s ouster of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali may swell the ranks of terrorists coming to Europe as would-be political refugees, Italian Interior Minister Roberto …

Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia’s Hope Deficit | Pulitzer Center
Hamza ben Abdallah, a 24-year-old from the lusterless farm town of Sidi Bouzid, on the steppes midway between the green palms of Tunisia’s Mediterranean and the first dunes of the northern Sahara, started his battle to earn a living as …

CBC News – The National – In Depth & Analysis – Tunisia’s Revolution
The National’s on-going coverage of the political upheaval in Tunisia.

Europe must show Tunisia that democracy pays
All the latest news from the Press Service of the European Parliament: votes, resolutions, debates, parliamentary committees and the plenary.

Who Will Lead Tunisia? – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
As a new national unity government in Tunisia struggles to gain support, political parties, civil society, and the military will play a critical role in …

The great unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the protracted collapse …
The toppling of dictator Ben Ali in Tunisia in the wake of mass protests and bloody street clashes has been widely recognized as signifying a major…

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