Tunisia mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 14 February, 2011

14 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Italy Seeks to Use Forces to Halt Illegal Immigrants From Tunisia
New York Times
Would-be immigrants from Tunisia were detained after arriving by boat on Lampedusa, a small Italian island closer to Tunisia than the Italian mainland. …

Iran Cheers Egypt, Tunisia Revolts as Ahmadinejad Stifles Domestic Dissent
Mubarak and Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were labeled US lapdogs by
Iran for repressing religious groups or opposing its nuclear program. …

Algerian protests gather momentum
ABC Online
… by recent turmoil in the region but analysts say that it would be
misleading to make direct comparisons with the situation in Egypt and
Tunisia. …

Julian Assange says Wikileaks helped spark revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt
New York Daily News
While many people are giving credit to social networking for the recent
revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, Julian Assange thinks he deserves some
credit too. …

Tunisian Revolt Topples Midtown Cultural Center
New York Times
Naima Remadi Nour, the director of the Tunisian Cultural and Information
Center, says it is being closed for political reasons. …

Tunisian-Egyptian link that shook Arab history
CAIRO — As protesters in Tahrir Square faced off against pro-government
forces, they drew a lesson from their counterparts in Tunisia: “Advice to
the youth …

Tunisia’s foreign minister leaves transitional govt weeks after predecessor’s …
The Canadian Press
TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisia’s foreign minister has resigned just weeks after
he was named to replace the month-old transitional government’s first,
short …

Sudan’s Bashir says he doesn’t fear dethroning as revolutions sweep region
Sudan Tribune
“We tell the youths of Egypt congratulations to you and also to the youths
of Tunisia…the youth of Sudan is your reserve,” Bashir said. …

Minor clashes as Bahrain “Day of Rage” begins
Reuters Africa
… villages as security forces tightened their grip on Shi’ite communities
for Monday’s “Day of Rage” protests inspired by upheaval in Egypt and
Tunisia. …

Islamist parties after Tunisia and Egypt’s uprisings
Daily Star – Lebanon
By George Giacaman The upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt have raised the
question of the future of Islamist parties in the Middle East in a pressing
way. …

Tunisia, Egypt crises raise issue of African integration
Afrique en Ligue
Tripoli, Libya – The wave of protests that rocked Tunisia and Egypt for
nearly two months have clearly revealed the impotence of the welfare state
to …

Opinion: Egypt, Tunisia offer Arab world a window to freedom
Deutsche Welle
Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was toppled on January 14, 2011,
while the Egyptian “pharaoh” Hosni Mubarak fell from power on February 11.


Tunisian Influx Taxes Italy
Wall Street Journal
By STACY MEICHTRY ROME—Political instability in Tunisia has unleashed a
wave of migrants toward Italian shores, igniting a crisis that has exposed
the …

Freedom and worry after Tunisia uprising
Kuwait Times
But the transformation is far from complete and-with Tunisia’s old guard
still strong and interim authorities often overwhelmed-many said they fear
promised …

FACTBOX-Protests in Middle East and North Africa
Reuters Africa
* TUNISIA — Protests that have empowered countries throughout the region,
started in Tunisia after Mohamed Bouazizi, a fruit vendor, set himself on
fire on …

EU stung into visits to North Africa over ‘timidity’ claims
The National
Stung by the remarks, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, is
visiting Tunisia today and is planning to visit Egypt as soon as possible.


Unrest in the Middle East – Monday 14 February
The Guardian (blog)
8.49am: The wave of protests inspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt show
no signs of dissipating. Activists in Iran are planning to go ahead with a
banned …

Italy appeals for help with Tunisian flotilla
Financial Times
Most are young Tunisian men. At least one man drowned when a boat sank.
“So many people in such a short period is unprecedented,” said Laura
Boldrini, …

North Africa’s first revolution very fragile
New Europe
After 23 years of authoritarian rule journalists in Tunisia are savouring
their freedom, with many senior editors being pressured to resign in order
to make …

Tunisian Women Seeking Place in Future Political Makeup
Voice of America
Women have been active participants in anti-government protests that
toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt. Now, as Tunisia turns the page on


Italy ‘to deploy police to Tunisia’ to tackle migration
BBC News
The Italian government is to ask for permission to deploy its police in
Tunisia, to tackle a sudden wave of immigration, say officials. …

Migrants flee Tunisia as country marks one month since uprising
By RFI As Tunisia on Monday marked a month since the ousting of its
president, the interim government sent security forces to coastal areas to
stop a …

Iranian opposition calls for a day of protests on February 14th
Iranian opposition calls for a day of protests on February 14th in support
of Egypt and Tunisia. A British grandmother becomes the latest web
sensation. …

Italy may send police to Tunisia to deter immigrants
Radio New Zealand
The Italian government is considering sending police in Tunisia to tackle a
sudden wave of immigration. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni says Europe is
not …

Tunisian foreign minister resigns – report
Reuters Africa
TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ounaiss has resigned, the
state news agency reported Sunday, a week after he became embroiled in a
row …

Nearly 1000 Tunisian migrants reach Italy overnight
Nearly 1000 people escaping turmoil in Tunisia landed on an Italian island
overnight on Sunday after the government declared a wave of illegal
immigrants a …

Tunisia’s govt restores people’s trust via Facebook
For the first time in its history, the Tunisian Interior Ministry decides
to use the social networking website Facebook to communicate with the
Tunisian …

Activists Turn Focus to Gadhafi
Wall Street Journal
They are hoping to draw momentum from the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia and
to commemorate two of the grislier events in Col. Gadhafi’s nearly 42-year
reign. …

Tunisian bloggers aim to keep revolution on track
magharebia.com (blog)
By Iheb Ettounsi for Magharebia in Tunis – 13/02/11 Tunisian bloggers
spent the week scrutinising the nation’s political parties and young
people’s …

Tunisia: An On Going Battle for Democracy · Global Voices
By Afef Abrougui
It has been almost a month since former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine
Ben Ali has fled the country and took refuge in Saudi Arabia, amid a series
of protests all over the North African country calling for his departure.


Tunisia says ready to cooperate on immigration wave | http://www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
Tunisia is ready to cooperate with other governments to stem the flow of
illegal immigrants heading to Europe but will not tolerate interference in
its internal affairs, the government said Monday.The government in Rome has
said that it …

Italy reopens camp as refugees arrive from Tunisia | McClatchy
Bowing to local pressure in a rising tide of Tunisian refugees, Italian
Interior Minister Roberto Maroni decided Sunday to reopen a large refugee
camp on the southern island of Lampedusa. The central camp took in about
1000 people on …

Tunisia rejects Italy police call | allthenewz
By MashGet
BBC NEWSThe Tunisian government has condemned calls from Rome to Italian
deploy police in Tunisia to tackle a sudden wave of
immigration.Spokesperson Tayeb Baccouche said Tunisians rejected the idea
of foreign troops on their soil, …

Tunisia Categorically Rejects Maroni’s Call for Deployment of …
By Niels Frenzen
The Tunisian Foreign Ministry on Sunday responded to Italian Interior
Minister Roberto Maroni’s rather unusual call for the deployment of Italian
police in Tunisia for the purpose of controlling illegal departures from
Tunisia. …

Tunisian minister resigns from transitional govt | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
Tunisia’s foreign minister has resigned just weeks after he was named to
replace the month-old transitional government’s first, short-lived foreign
minister, the official TAP news agency said Sunday.

Tunisia rejects Italian call to send immigration police | Arsip …
By bbc.news
The migrants are fleeing political upheaval and poverty in Tunisia The
Tunisian government has condemned calls from Rome to Italian.

Foreign Minister quits Tunisia | Top Stories | BigPond News
Tunisia’s foreign minister has resigned as the govt faces pressure from
Italy to stop Tunisians fleeing.

First Tunisia, then Egypt. Protests have already begun in Algeria …
By Eric Goldstein
First Tunisia, then Egypt. Protests have already begun in Algeria and Yemen
and are planned for Monday in Iran and Libya. Can this be contained or we
going to witness a revolution across the entire Middle East that results in
the …

Tunisia migrants prompt Italy ‘humanitarian emergency’ – Worldnews.com
Continue reading the main story Related Stories Italy stops
people-smuggling ring Greece plans Turkey migrant fence UN questions EU
migration policy The Italian government has declared a humanitarian
emergency after nearly 3000 migrants …

For Tunisia, Revolution Was the Easy Part
For Tunisia, Revolution Was the Easy Part. published about 4 hours ago.
With restrictions on the media lifted and freedom of speech flourishing,
years of bottled-up demands over salaries, working conditions and rights
have erupted. …

Tunisia rejects Italy police call – BBC News – vIndianz.com
By Report
Globe and MailTunisia rejects Italy police callBBC NewsThe Tunisian
government has condemned calls from Rome to Italian deploy police in
Tunisia to tackle a sudden wave of immigration. Spokesperson Tayeb
Baccouche said Tunisians …

Italy eyes Tunisia deployment amid migration wave (AFP) | Relevant …
AFP – Italy said on Sunday it was planning to deploy its security forces in
Tunisia to stop a wave of immigrant arrivals, as coastguards intercepted
anoth.. .

Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, revolutionaries Paradoxes | JewPI.com
By admin
Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, revolutionaries Paradoxes By Alain Rubin ©
2011 http://www.aschkel.info After the invasion launched by the revolutionary
mothers of…

Tunisia says it seizes armed group linked to ex-leader – Yahoo! News
Tunisian authorities said on Thursday they had detained an armed group,
linked to ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, which they suspected of


Tunisia Speaks Up, Shakily – IPS ipsnews.net
Freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press are the
big gains of Tunisia’s so-called Jasmine Revolution, according to a top
Tunisian …

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