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19 February, 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Unreal Revolutions

18.02.2011 | 10:58 | LEBEDEVA Irina (US)
The practical aspect of the plan was that the US Department of State would be directly involved in providing financial, technical, and organizational support, training, and coordination assistance to oppositional youth movements across the world, with an emphasis on the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, and the post-Soviet space…

Kosovo: Three Years of International Disgrace

17.02.2011 | 19:46 | ISKENDEROV Pyotr
The third anniversary of Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence which is widely celebrated on February 17 highlighted the actual situation in Serbia’s breakaway province. The existence of Kosovo in its present condition reflects a combination of the crisis of the system of international law, the advent of the “new world order”, and the rise of “the Great Albania”, which is the world’s first country to be built on purely ethnic foundations…

Hugo Chavez the Prime Target for the US Intelligence Community

15.02.2011 | 08:32 | NIKANDROV Nil
An array of covert operations devised during G. Bush’s presidency are being actively implemented in Latin America… Hugo Chavez, the leader who, from Washington’s perspective, represents the most serious geopolitical problem in Latin America, remains the prime target for the US intelligence community…

The South American Decade

14.02.2011 | 14:01 | Carlos Pereyra MELE (Argentina)
The year 2010 came to an end. It was a year in which most of Latin American countries celebrated the revolutions that led to their independence from the Spanish kingdom (1810). This bicentennial found this South American region with more hope and optimism to face the recently-started 21st century…

Eight days that shook Egypt. Struggle for power continues

13.02.2011 | 12:42 | TYSSOVSKI Yuri
…Today the fate of Egypt is in the hands of the military. Mubarak handed over power to Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who said that the military council would rule with the head of the supreme constitutional court. He also said that the military council would sack the cabinet and suspend both houses of parliament. Time will show which regime the people of Egypt choose. I hope this would not be that of Islamists.

What will Muslim Brothers do next?

13.02.2011 | 00:09 | SEDOV Dmitriy
Hosni Mubarak’s stubbornness to accept the terms of the Brotherhood could have changed the situation drastically. On seeing that the door for legal political steps is closed the Brotherhood could respond with violence and return to using terror…

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