Bahrain Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 24 February, 2011

24 February, 2011 —

16 miles away, Saudi Arabia’s watchful eye looms over Bahrain unrest
Washington Post
Anti-government demonstrators throw a prisoner pardoned by the king into
the air in Pearl Square in Manama, the Bahraini capital. (James Lawler
Duggan) By Michael Birnbaum MANAMA, BAHRAIN – On Wednesday morning, King
Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa boarded a …

Libya’s Future
National Review Online
The bloody upheavals in Libya and the bumbling of the opposition in Bahrain
illustrate that these disturbances in the Arab world are much less
homogeneous than has been widely thought. Neither is a poor country:
Libya’s 6.6 million people have a per …

US Military Keeps Close Eye On Egypt, Bahrain
But the US military is keeping an especially close watch on two countries:
Egypt and Bahrain. That’s because both countries are key to the American
military’s ability to operate in the region. A cargo ship transits the Suez
Canal en route from the …

A History of Middle East Mercenaries
22, 2011, from Libya’s state television station shows Libyan leader Muammar
Gaddafi, left; cars burn in a still from amateur video shot the same day in
Tripoli While the protests convulsing Bahrain and Libya this past week
occurred in vastly different …,28804,2045328_2045333_2053107,00.html

BAHRAIN: Freed detainees could stir up public.
Denver Post
At least 300 people were freed in the early-morning hours from Bahrain’s
jails Wednesday, but rather than calm the waters, the releases could very
well intensify the nation’s already charged atmosphere. With an angry
public calling for the ouster of …

Bahrain frees Shiites, pardons opposition leader
Manama, Feb 23 (AFP) Bahraini authorities have released 23 Shiite activists
held on terrorism counts and pardoned two others abroad including
opposition leader Hassan Mashaima, an MP said today. “The 23 have been
released,” MP Jassem Hussein, …

Bahrain rulers free up to 100 political prisoners
USA Today
MANAMA, Bahrain — Thousands of anti-government demonstrators who have
taken over the center of this tiny kingdom welcomed the arrival Wednesday
of political prisoners who were freed by the royal family in response to
protest demands. …

Businesses cautious over Arab world unrest
New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) Businesses are getting cautious across the Middle
East and not taking major investment decisions as many believe the
political uprisings like in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain may
alter the strategic balance in the …

Bahrain: Ensure Rights of Freed Political Prisoners
Human Rights Watch (press release)
In August and September of 2010 these arrests sparked massive riots
throughout Bahrain. Bahraini authorities should ensure that the 23 freed
prisoners are genuinely free. Releasing people held unjustly means letting
them return to their political …

Govt lukewarm backing for Bahrain draws ‘flak’
Arab Times
KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: MP Mohammad Hayef Al-Mutairi condemned the
government’s foreign and domestic policies on Wednesday for not taking a
stronger stance in support of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its government. He
said that Kuwait has announced its …

Bahrain blogger freed from jail
BBC News
A blogger freed by the king of Bahrain along with dozens of other prisoners
has told the BBC World Service he was insulted and tortured in prison. Ali
Abdulemam was arrested in September and charged with being a member of a
terrorist cell and spreading …

Bahrain protesters call for strike to oust government
Deccan Herald
Protesters in Bahrain will stage more demonstrations and a nationwide
strike if the government refuses to resign Thursday. Bahrain’s King Hamad
bin Isa Al Khalifa has agreed to withdraw troops from the streets of Manama
and pardon political prisoners …

Bahrain opposition leader detained in Lebanon
A Bahraini opposition leader pardoned by the king in his country of
terrorism-related charges has been detained in Lebanon while travelling to
Manama from Britain, a judicial official said Thursday. Hassan Mashaima was
arrested Tuesday at Beirut …

Explainer: Tensions between Sunnis and Shiites
So far the island Gulf state of Bahrain is the only nation to see popular
protests divide along religious lines, but are more countries to follow and
what does it mean? What is the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?
Sunni and Shiite Islam are …

Manila ban on Bahrain passengers
Gulf Daily News
By SANDEEP SINGH GREWAL , Posted on “ Thursday, February 24, 2011 AROUND
120 Bahrain-based residents were not allowed to board a flight home from
Manila yesterday as a result of an order issued by the Philippines Bureau
of Immigration. …

Bahrain’s King Arrives in Riyadh for Talks
Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al- Khalifa arrived in the Saudi capital on
Wednesday for talks with King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, the website of the
Saudi English newspaper Arab News reported. The visit coincides with the
return of King Abdullah to …

Migrant Workers on a Treadmill in Bahrain
New York Times
By ANGELA SHAH DUBAI — The Philippine government said Tuesday that it was
suspending the processing of labor applications for its citizens to work in
Libya, Bahrain and Yemen as popular unrest and violence continued to sweep
the Middle East. …

Bahrain protesters show no sign of retreat
Sydney Morning Herald
Bahrain protesters are showing no sign of retreating as an anti-government
uprising enters its 11th day and opposition groups say the state has not
yet met their pre-conditions for dialogue. In a sign they had no intention
of leaving Manama’s Pearl …

World Markets Focused on Libya, Bahrain; HP Slides
8:00 AM New York – World markets edged lower as protests continue in
Libya and Bahrain. Gaddafi vowed to stay in power. Libya supplies 1.5
million barrels a day of oil to Europe and y one third to Italy. Forest
Labs agreed to buy Clinical Data for $1.2 …,-Bahrain;-HP-Slides/43025/

Bahrain concerns oil analysts
23 (UPI) — Unrest in Bahrain could play a very strong role in energy
markets because of the potential to draw in rival oil states, investors
said. The International Energy Agency said from Paris that it was watching
energy markets closely because of …

US Military vs. Human Rights in Bahrain
For the US government, strategic priorities have taken preeminence over
human rights in Bahrain, where a substantial opposition movement by the
Shiite majority is threatening to topple the long-ruling Sunni royal
family. Bahrain in one of only four …

Amidst chaos, don’t forget Bahraini women
Prior to the protests, the 2014 parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of
Bahrain were already being discussed as an opportunity for Bahraini women
to enhance their presence in politics. In the recent 2010 elections, women
ran for parliament and …

OFW deployment to Libya, Bahrain, Yemen suspended
Visayan Daily Star
Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said she has
ordered the suspension of the processing and deployment of OFWs to Libya,
Bahrain and Yemen. Baldoz said the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
has already set aside a …

Jordan feeling the tremors of change sweeping the Middle East
While the world’s attention has been riveted by events in Tunisia, Egypt,
Bahrain and Libya particularly in the last couple of days, Jordan has not
yet been in the limelight. Yet, every Friday, since January 7, 2011, there
have been protests in the …

Our Bahrain
Gulf Daily News
I write this with rawness and a nauseating desperation to get Bahrain back.
This is not my Bahrain. I refuse to let this become my Bahrain. It is not
possible for this to be my Bahrain. My Bahrain was a place where we never
thought there was a …

Nicholas Kristof’s Curious Questions to Bahrain’s King – The …
By Aaron Goldstein
Yesterday, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times wrote a dispatch from
Bahrain in which he posed these two questions to King Hamad: Why is it any
more appropriate for a minority Sunni population to rule over majority Shia
than it was …

A Background And Traveler’s Introduction To Bahrain | foXnoMad
By Anil P.
The tiny kingdom of Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf, has been in the
news lately due to a number of anti-government protests which began in
Pearl Square.

Lauren Vriens: Bahrain: Two Seas, Two Sects
By Lauren Vriens
Some observers say this clash has its roots in a geo-religious power
struggle between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia; the more likely story is
one of tension between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

Released by Govt, Bahrain’s Political Prisoners Rejoin Protests …
By Jason Ditz
Bahrain’s King Hamed made partially good on his promise to release
political prisoners today, with some 100 of the detainees freed. Local
rights groups, however, complain that hundreds of others remain. …

Bahrain National Holding Company announce Group’s positive …
The Board of Directors of Bahrain National Holding Company – BNH – is proud
to announce the Group’s positive consolidated results for the year 2010;
BNH achieved a net profit of BD3.814m ($10.1m)…
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Bahrain Traverses a Long Road to Protest — Global Geopolitics …
By editors
Bahrain, off the eastern shore of the Saudi kingdom, had been subject to
many of the same basic forms of state and market formation as the Saudi
monarchy itself. Its commercial markets were first penetrated by British
capitalism when …

U.S. Military Keeps Close Eye On Egypt, Bahrain
Protesters throughout the Middle East and northern Africa are pressing
their governments for reforms. But the U.S. military is keeping an
especially close watch on the two countries that are key to the American
military’s ability to …

Bahrain’s opposition lists demands as protests rise (Lead)
Bahrain’s opposition lists demands as pr…The demands by the grouping of
seven opposition pa…The opposition groups have also asked for release
…The mass protest in Bahrain began Feb 14 soon afte…Most of the
protesters are Shia …

Bahrain protesters call for strike to oust government | Politics
By Lakshit
Manama, Feb 24 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Protesters in Bahrain will stage more
demonstrations and a nationwide strike if the government refuses to resign
Thursday. Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has agreed to withdraw
troops from the …

Bournemouth MP Conor Burns defends trip to Bahrain (From …
A BOURNEMOUTH MP has defended making an all-expenses-paid trip to Bahrain
at the invitation of the government which is now facing mass protests from
its people.

Bahrain: Afaka ilay Bilaogera Ali Abdulemam · Global Voices
By Mamisoa
Ela ny ela fa dia tafavoaka ny fonja ihany ilay blogger Jailed Bahraini Ali
Abdulemam. Ampifaliana no nandraisan”ireo mpankafy azy manerantany izany
vaovao izany, ra iny tazany tamin’ny alalan’ny an-tserasera iny ny sariny
notsenain’ny …

Bahrain Peoples Uprising Against the US-backed Regime Gains …
Bahrain Peoples Uprising Against the US-backed Regime Gains Critical Mass
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EA WorldView – Home – Bahrain Analysis: A Revolution Paused (Kerr …
By Scott Lucas
An uncertain calm has settled over the small island kingdom of Bahrain. The
wave of peaceful pro-democracy protests from February 14-17 culminated in
bloodshed, including the brutal murder of seven activists, some of whom
were asleep in …

Bahrain’s death toll grows and its Internet slows | ZDNet
Arbor Networks speculates that Bahrain is censoring its Internet as the
strife torn nation’s death toll climbs.

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